• How to make notes in Hindi for Physics

    Making notes is important for all the students whether their chosen language is Hindi or English, it doesn’t matter at all. Choosing a language is our own choice as per our comfortability and understanding. But when it comes to studying then making notes for students is very important just like attending the regular classes. Especially, for subjects like Physics, it…

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  • How to ace class board exams

    Boards have always been considered as one of the most important exams for students to go for higher education. Some believe it to be a decision-maker and take it seriously but you very well know “ A single piece of paper cannot decide your future” And the people from where we seek motivation to set a perfect example. But since…

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  • Class-3 maths made easier with these simple tips

    If someone asks you to think of a really tough problem, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Well, kids who are studying in class 3 can probably think of some big or complex maths equation, right? For most people, math seems like one of the most difficult subjects out there.  It’s abstract, it’s complex and unfortunately…

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  • The importance of education!

    If you’ve given any thought to your future, you’ve undoubtedly figured out what you want to do for a living. Whatever your aim is, it will almost certainly necessitate some level of schooling. Look up information about your intended career online or speak with people who work in that sector. Everyone you speak with will almost certainly tell you that…

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  • What Is the Similarity and Difference between CTET and UPTET Syllabus?

    CTET and UPTET are teacher eligibility tests conducted to recruit eligible candidates on the various teaching profiles in the central or state government-run schools. Even if both the tests aim to recruit teaching staff, they have some specific similarities and differences. Due to this, candidates often get confused between the CTET and UPTET syllabus. Worry not! Here is a complete…

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