Career Guidance after 10th Grade

I want to be a Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Pilot, and so on. As a kid, we all will say multiple things, and by getting to know something new every time, we all will decide and choose that profession. In reality, we do not know what it takes to become professional. The everyday changing dream will be fun till we do not take a step to pursue it. A career plays an integral part in life. Careers act as the identity of a person many times. Career Guidance after 10th that making the right choice about your career is an essential thing because your entire life is ahead, and these choices will create an impact on everything, the salary, the satisfaction of life, and everything is based on the choice you make.

The first step should always be perfect. It will lead to a new direction in your life. When it comes to choosing a career path, the first step you make is after 10th std. All the boards of education and schools will let the students choose a stream or major group after 10th std. Hence 10th std is considered the first step towards a career, so one needs to get proper guidance at the initial stage. Getting to know the various career options, we will choose the right profession that will align with our interests, passion, skills, aptitude, and so on. Career counseling in India states that school students between the age of 12-17 are just aware of 7 primary careers, but there are 200 + career options available. Unaware of the various options available, the students stick to the seven primary careers and make the wrong decision. It is where the career guidance will help them to make the right decisions regarding their career.

Best Career Counseling in Delhi states that career guidance is the guidance provided to individuals to help them acquire the knowledge, information, skills, and experience necessary to identify career options and then let them choose one which will be perfect for them. The personality and skill of a student will be assessed during this. Knowing the skills and personality, a career counselor creates a career map for the individual based on that. They will conduct psychometric tests that will make one know what are the career options available for that individual. The psychometric test will analyze the skills, aptitude, abilities, interests, personality traits, and behavioral style. These results will make one know the career options available for them and which will be perfect for them.

Why is career guidance Important for 10 th Std students?

If you understand the start well, the end will not trouble you. That is the first step that will be making for a fruitful life. The students who completed 10 th will be choosing their primary subjects. The popular streams in India are Science, Arts, Commerce, Vocational, and so on. Students have to make the right choice here. Their entire career is waiting ahead, so the first step should be clear. They are too young to make a decision. Students commit a few common mistakes while choosing a stream. Let us see the common flaws done, and the ways to rescue them from them with the help of the career guidance

The students always look up to their parents and surroundings and make a decision. They always think it will be perfect for them too, but many other factors will affect this decision. 

  1. Sticking with the mass crowd -It is one of the most common mistakes. They will decide within their friend’s group and want to follow the mass crowd. The skills, abilities, and interests will differ from person to person. They cannot find an ideal career by sticking with the mass crowd. They are too young to make a decision. Here is where a career counselor can step in to tell why the career can not be perfect for them and provide them. The expert advice will let them know why they need to be unique and how it will be effective in their future.
  2. Parental Pressure – Parents will always look for the best for kids, but they are not experts in knowing multiple careers and their scope in the future. Most parents are either influenced by their profession or their surroundings and other people’s growth in a career. Hence they end up choosing the same profession. They do not know whether the kid can handle it or not. This is where a career counselor steps in and assesses the ability and helps them choose the perfect career.
  3. Lack of awareness – Students are unaware of the career options. There are a plethora of options available, and one should know their ability and skills to match them. Finding a dream job is a big task, but getting ready and making way for it is the most important thing. We tend to make mistakes here. We know our dream, but we don’t work on the right way to attain it. This is where a career counselor will make a career map that helps to find the career path and help you to reach it.


Guidance and counseling from experts will pave the way for better things and make them proper. Young minds need to be groomed. They should explore the different opportunities and fly all along the colors. They should know ways to attain their dream with expert advice.


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