How to make notes in Hindi for Physics

Making notes is important for all the students whether their chosen language is Hindi or English, it doesn’t matter at all. Choosing a language is our own choice as per our comfortability and understanding. But when it comes to studying then making notes for students is very important just like attending the regular classes. Especially, for subjects like Physics, it becomes crucial to have notes for gaining good marks in exams. So, If you are a Hindi medium student, regardless of any board and facing difficulties in making notes for Physics then the following key points will give you an idea on how to make notes in Hindi for Physics. This article is equally helpful for all the students of class 11th, and 12th of any board. 

Before discussing the idea about how to make notes, first let us understand why it is important to make notes for class 11th and 12th. 

Importance of making own handwritten notes for Physics

There is so much importance in making your handwritten notes, especially for Hindi medium students of class 11th and 12th. Let us discuss the importance of making handwritten notes for Physics.

  • Writing notes also help in improving our writing skill, hence this habit is going to help the students in their board exams, consequently helping you in scoring good marks.
  • When we write down something on paper by ourselves then our mind becomes active and started to focus on the data on whatever we are writing. So, making notes is also helpful in increasing our concentration level.
  • Our notebook is our best friend ever, here we can write anything, anytime in our language without being judged by anyone. It means making notes will give us a kind of independence of writing any subject in our easiest language by making some diagrams, tables, short key points, etc.
  • It is believed that resources are scarce for Hindi medium students when compared to English medium resources. Hence making your notes from the first day will help you to overcome the mental pressure from scarcity of resources at the last moment. 
  • Notes help the students in revision just before the examination. 

How to make notes in Hindi for class 11th and 12th students for Physics

Below are some important key points which will surely be helpful to all the students of Hindi medium for all the subjects, especially the subjects like Physics.  

Always make notes from using NCERT books

No matter from which state board or central board you are studying, the NCERT books will always help you all the way. NCERT books are designed in such a way that they can be easily understood by the students for all the state boards as well as the CBSE and ICSE boards. So, if you are a Hindi medium student then you should refer to the NCERT book for Physics in the Hindi language. Read one chapter at one time, then after the end of the chapter, you will understand very easily what you need to write down in your notes. Always keep in mind that never try to make notes along with reading a book. Otherwise, you will replicate all the book’s stuff in your copy which is of no use.

First, start with mentioning the name of the chapter

It is recommended to the students to start with mentioning the name of the chapter that will be easy to understand and later on you will not get confused with the topics. Then start writing with the main topic of the chapter. Write a short intro of the main heading of the chapter. While reading the book, try to divide the chapter into pieces of different heading and subheadings. Then similarly write down the stuff in the notebook. 

Include examples under every heading and subheadings 

Examples are the best way to understand anything in its easiest form. Always include the examples under the main headings and the subheadings of the chapter. Sometimes, from a student perspective, it becomes complicated to understand the topic but when someone explains the topic by giving their real-life example then it becomes easy to understand. Examples will also help retain things for a long time. 

Draw diagrams and circuits to understand well

In the physics’ book, there will be various diagrams and circuits that must be drawn to understand well. Especially for the chapters like electricity, motion, waves, and oscillation, etc., it is very hard to understand these things without diagrams. So, for all the students who are making notes for physics in Hindi, it is necessary to draw all the diagrams and circuits in their regular notebooks. 

Include important units and formulae under the headings

Physics is full of mathematical problems i.e. numerical hence it becomes important to note down the formulae under the respective headings and subheadings. For example: if you are reading chapter no. 6 of NCERT Class 11 Physics Book in Hindi Medium i.e. Work, Energy, and Power  (Kaarya, Urja aur Shakti). Then after reading the chapter you will find three main headings are there in the chapter. Which are Kaarya, Urja, and Shakti. Write the heading Kaarya and then write down its definition under the heading. After that, write the unit of Work (Kaarya) in SI as well as MKS units and other important formulae related to work (if any). Do the same things for other headings as well.

Solve Physics numericals in a separate notebook

If you note down the formulae, numerical, derivations, and important topics only in a single notebook then it will become very lengthy. So, it is highly recommended for your convenience to write down or solve the numerical in a separate notebook. You don’t have to include all the numerical in this notebook. Solve all the numerical in a rough copy and write only those numericals in the notebook for which you have faced difficulty while solving them. Write down only one numerical of one kind in the notebook. Don’t try to make the notes lengthy otherwise it will become a burden for you at the last moment before the examination.


Physics is considered one of the toughest subjects among the other subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology for most of the students. So, making notes in Hindi will help you to understand the subject better in an easy way in your language as per your understanding. 

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