How to ace class board exams

Boards have always been considered as one of the most important exams for students to go for higher education. Some believe it to be a decision-maker and take it seriously but you very well know “ A single piece of paper cannot decide your future” And the people from where we seek motivation to set a perfect example. But since we live in an environment where our central thesis lies in preparing for exams and primarily securing good marks. Society has a disease of judging people very frequently based on their secured marks which sometimes turns avaricious for the students. They feel pressurised and even sometimes approach the wrong steps. 

Yes, exams are important but deciding your potential based on one exam will not turn fruitful to you. Exams can make you stressed, pressurise you and here comes the test of your energy level and depends on you whether you conserve it or spoil it. Exams are stressful but managing your stress level and preparing yourself pretty well will lead to you a bountiful of knowledge and inspiration. 

Boards are taken too seriously or even may parental pressure dominates over the students. But you can manage it very well and of course, score good marks. Here are some methodologies that would help you come out of this Intricate space and enter yourself into a serene space full of inspiration and knowledge:-

  1. Analyse syllabus 

Before stepping Into a world full of competition, your first step should be to analyse the Syllabus for CBSE Class 10 and understand every topic very carefully .comprehending the syllabus according to the weightage of marks carried by them holds a very important place in deciding how many marks you are going to score in your exams. 

  1. Prioritise 

Getting a recapitulation of the syllabus, the other demand is to prioritise the syllabus Into weak and strong subtopics according to your level of understanding. Your main focus should lie on working over weak topics. Practising weak topics, again and again, will help you a lot in getting clear concepts. 

  1. Effective study 

Maintaining an effective study plan throughout the course is a mandated task for you all. Maintain consistency throughout. Make a proper study plan so it covers all the syllabus in a limited course of time. Clean your study space, make it compatible with you. Lean over relating facts and ideas. Try discussing concepts with your batch mates. Group discussion has always helped the students to broaden their thesis and get some ideas out of the box. Most effectively make a proper sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation cant let you give your full potential. 

  1. Use your time efficiently

Time management is the key and a determining factor in your exams. Failure of managing time may even lead you to score fewer marks in the exams which are quite disturbing for the students. Choose a perfect study time In a day when you can give your 100℅ , be it early in the morning, sunny day, cool breezing evening or the dusky nights under the stars. Try skim reading, this concept of reading can help you cover the maximum syllabus in less time. Here you focus mainly on the main concepts and once you get the main ideas, you can easily relate everything with other parameters without much hustling up. And yeah, this is what we call smart work. 

5 . Exam strategies 

Sitting in the exam hall waiting for the question paper is the scariest moment for the students even more than the horror films. This creates a lot of stress but with some specific strategies you can easily ace up every question. Read your questions carefully in the allotted time. And if you get some extra time read it twice ( you are a lucky one ). Analyse questions and recall the concepts in your mind. Questions which are seeming easy for you and does not consume much time, go for that first. Do not wait much time on a single question as it may affect other questions. Leave for the complicated one that moment and proceed further and solve it in the last to save your time. Give enough time to every question. Keep yourself updated with the number of questions In the paper and divide your time according to that. 

6 . During exams 

During exams, you need to focus on some facts that will help you avoid getting negative remarks. 

Try circling the keywords to get an insight idea of the questions. 

Be careful with certain confusing words such as not, never, no, none, lack, fail. These words seem very easy in simple languages but the same creates complications in the papers and make students hustle rustle. So, try avoiding double negativities in the questions. 

  1. Organise yourself

Organise small study groups before exams so you can learn and discuss various topics. Group discussion always aids with new ideas every time. 

  1. Essay part 

Inboards examination, the English paper is always the lengthy one where you need to input quality words within a limited time. So you need to be familiar with the formats of papers and the type of questions asked to secure maximum marks. Practice essay writing from previously asked papers. Focus on keywords, try creating an outline for the essays first. 

  1. Previous year samples 

Previous papers give you a clear idea about everything. It will help you create a proper framework for every part. And you can present your argument. 

  1. Manage stress and nerves 

Discuss your problems with your friends even your stresses. This will lower your anxiety level. Keep down your stress hormones and do some mood refreshing tasks. Listen to some soothing music. 

While just hustling so hard In the process. Don’t forget you are great and you always do great. Work upon yourself and strengthen your weak points to ace up everything in your life. Boards are just a test, where you prepare to score marks. Instead, enjoy the learning process and try exploring new things. Low scores arent the failures. “ believe in yourself and you can make anything “.

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