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MBA admissions are not easy to ace, with the world’s top MBA program employing extremely selective ones. Each MBA application carries its own set of nuances that the admissions committee analyses but applicants are often oblivious to. In hiring professional MBA admissions consultants, students can avail assistance in building stand-out profiles that escape the traps.

Experts’ Global possesses an all-around understanding of the admissions process, an understanding vital to guiding applicants towards their dream institutions. Founded in 2008 by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, the firm has mentored innumerable MBA hopefuls to their desired destination.

End to End Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global’s consultancy is differentiated by the range of their offerings. The firm advises students through each stage of the MBA admissions process. Whether it be theme-building, resume-writing, or application management etc., Experts’ Global has a team that can meet the need!

Interview Training

Experts’ Global’s students begin their interview training just as their applications are sent out. It is vital to commence training well before the interview calls begin to come in. Experts’ Global MBA interview prep process comprises three phases. The study phase comes first and requires a student to peruse a video series elaborating the core tenets of an MBA interview presentation. Thereafter, to demonstrate their understanding of these tenets, the student responds to thirty of the most common MBA interview questions. The student’s performance informs the next several rounds of mock interviews. The mentor conducts regular review sessions through these rounds to apprise the students of their progress.

School Shortlisting

Almost all MBA aspirants, at some point, find the sheer variety of courses out there overwhelming. Along the path to an MBA, one always begins by figuring out the most fitting course. Experts’ Global’s admissions teams always selects courses best suited to the students’ career growth. The careful analysis of factors such as the student’s career vision, geographic preferences, financial constraints, scholarship chances, and the program’s length allows such expertise.

Transparent Feedback

Experts’ Global’s admissions team always keeps their feedback honest. Starting with the shortlisting process, the mentors remain transparent about the students’ perceived knowledge gaps. While the directness of this approach might be jarring at first, it yields considered benefits in the long term. Truly, it is only through honest introspection and acceptance of one’s shortcomings that one grows.

Theme Creation

Theme creation lies at the center of Experts’ Global’s admission consultancy. The firm’s essay-writing teams recognize that a coherent story is what distinguishes the best profiles. Writing mentors, thus, collaborate with students to bring out the profile themes that best unify their professional trajectory and vision to craft a cogent, stand-out narrative.

Clear Cut Application Process

Tracking the deadlines and requirements for each school becomes increasingly difficult the closer the time to send out applications comes. To address the issue, Experts’ Global has broken down the entire process into a series of milestones, to be collaboratively monitored and met by the student and their mentors. Ensuring a stepwise approach thereby, the mentors keep the process from being tumultuous.

Exhaustive Content

The sheer range of self-study resources, such as their video essays on the different aspects of the admissions process, such as resume writing, application management, etc. sets apart Experts’ Global’s admissions consulting. This enables independent work on the student’s part if they wish to do so.

Team Expertise

A plan is only as good as the people executing it, and Experts’ Global’s admissions team is the best. With a high degree of experience, each team member possesses in-depth insight into the many business schools globally. They are fully cognizant of the totality of MBA admissions processes. Experts’ Global’s teams are optimally organized, making clear communication with them a natural consequence.

Guiding Principle

The admissions mentors at Experts’ Global primarily view their “clients” as students or mentees. They consider themselves teachers overseeing a space of learning and, like all good teachers, they look out for their students’ success above all else.

Experts’ Global tackles the admissions process, one marked by many moving parts and complexities, with a clear methodology and well-defined understanding, both backed by intensive research. Naturally, they are the first port of call for thousands of MBA seekers.

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