• 4 Reasons Why Skincare Routine Can Improve Your Well-being

    Science says you must do a specific action for more than twenty-one days before calling it a routine. With a jam-packed schedule, following a skincare routine or buying the right skin care products can be mentally draining. It’s challenging to take care of your skin with a daily skincare regime since you may have so much to do already.  Most…

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  • Most Influential Ethnic Hair Styles

    Over the years, many hairstyles have attracted the attention of millions of people around the world. In some cases, the hairstyles supersede the reputation of the people who wore them and stayed prominent for much longer. Here are some of the most influential ethnic hairstyles in hairstory (sorry, it’s hard to resist the pun!). Locs Firstly, you’ll see a mention…

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  • The Golden Rule of Beauty

    When people encounter new scientific information that casts doubt on the status quo, they often can’t believe their eyes (or ears). If all this is true, you may ask, why haven’t I heard it before? Why do so many dermatologists with perfect credentials endorse beauty products that are making me sick? Could they be doing it to keep themselves busy?…

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  • The Big Preservative Debate In Fashion

    All personal care products have a shelf life. You can usually find out how long the product will remain fresh by locating a “best before” date stamped on the sealed end of a tube or directly on the bottle’s label. Have you ever noticed a sketch of an opened jar on a box of a beauty product? Sometimes there is…

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  • Dermapen Skin Needling – The Good & The Bad

    In marketing material, Dermapen calls itself the ‘World’s Most Advanced Microneedling Device’, and it’s hard to find another brand with the same level of authority and credibility in the market. However, you probably have lots of questions before undergoing micro-needling treatments. With this in mind, here is everything you need to know, both the good and the bad. What’s Microneedling?…

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