Festive Season – Shop These Stylish Bra Panty Sets For The Festival

Matching sets are all the hype for quite some time now, and hey, it’s totally worth it. The sets that have garnered all the attention have rightfully expanded to all genres of fashion including lingeries. The sets that were earlier part of the lingerie collection now have limelight attached to it, and boy-oh-boy, the transformation of classics are just worth every penny. Lingeries have in fact a sleeker and put-together feel to a set, making it look more appealing. 

With the styles that will suffice your taste buds, opting for a matching set will make your life easier. Come on,  a bra and panty already paired up in a set, it’s time-efficient as well as effortless. Ladies, matching sets should become a staple by now considering the versatility. With the festivals approaching, gifting matching sets to your friends can become an option as well. The glitz and glam that a matching set brings will instantly raise your confidence. 

Even though lingerie is something you wear on the inside, what makes it exceptionally comforting is that you are not just wearing a tacky loose-fitting bra and an undie with a hole. Dressing up for yourself also accounts for radiating confidence on the outside. Your lingerie is that piece of clothing that needs to be centred around your needs, be it the fit, support or even style. 

Lace Bra & Panties Set

Set made out of the most sultry and exquisite looking fabric? You will find us saying an instant yes, always! Looking feminine is one thing, and lingerie making you feel confident in your skin is exceptional. The feeling of lace snugged to your curves with the most evolved styles is unmatchable. The set brings about the oomph factor and will instantly make you dazzle the season of festivities. Clovia has an amazing range you cannot miss, that’s budget-friendly and is designed according to the new trends. 

Longline Bralette with Panty Set

Bralettes, the most comfortable form of lingerie, is a non-disruptive piece with eye-pleasing styles. A long longline bra can be styled in several ways and can also pass as a crop top. You can even wear it at a Diwali party as fusion wear and rock the dress code in an interesting manner. Victoria’s secret is one place you can get yourself a nice quality bralette.

Customizable Bra & Panty Set

Ideally, it is preferred to buy sets as it is.  But an interesting way to pair up two separate pieces into a set and customize them according to your liking seems fun. You can either pick the bra and panty in solid colours, prints or even go for a contrasting shade. This is your chance to go all creative. Check out La Senza’s range to find yourself a perfect match. 

Bralettes with Boyshorts Set

Boyshorts are great to be worn under your lehenga if that’s the outfit choice you are going for this festive season. The supremacy of boy shorts is at par considering the comfort one seeks while wearing them. Bralette and boyshorts set is a match made in heaven match made, it’s like you get to witness two most comfortable pieces of lingerie at once. Get your hands on the comfiest lingerie from Clovia. 

Printed Sets

The peppy prints and bright colours are a great way to scream fun. Like, your lingerie needs some fun elements too. If not bright colours, you can go for pastel shades with floral prints for an aesthetic appeal. The market is filled with very eye-catching prints, and we are sure printed lingeries is the way to spice up an outfit. Marks and Spencer has an unbelievable collection of printed sets you cannot miss. 

Lingeries add a great deal in shaping, and in many ways support and uplift your curves. Sets are an amazing add-on to your wardrobe and at this point, they should essentially be a part of the must-haves list. With the season of festivities approaching, investing in a good pair of sets can be a gift you can give to yourself. 

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