How to Select Kanchipuram Sarees

India is a land of abundant cultural heritage. This translates into everything that Indians do, wear, practice, and preach. The values and cultural significance held by Indians can be translated in the temples, the history, the art, and the attire that people in India use. One of the most elegant cultural heritage in India is the use of Kanchipuram silk sarees.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees is one of the highest quality silk sarees in the world and has a high cultural and ethnic significance in Southern India. One can now buy Kanchipuram Saree online without actually having to travel to the place but in the olden era, visiting Kanchipuram and visiting a weaver’s traditional home spun silk saree was a tradition for every family with a wedding to look forward to.

Family members would flock to Kanchipuram, a small town in South India where traditional weavers hand weave these magnificent silk sarees and sell them directly from home.

The Traditional Significance of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees
Kanchipuram is a small town in the Southern State of India called Tamil Nadu. Ruled by the Cholas and the Pandyas in the bygone era, this state is full of amazing temples and rich cultural heritage left behind by these great warrior families who were no short of gods for those who worshipped them.

The temples in this region have a unique and rare architecture which is studied by architects and engineers all over the world. The attires and the jewellery that the queens wore are inscribed on the temples and has now been translated in the traditional costumes made in these areas.

Kanchipuram has families who weave pure mulberry silk sarees using the best of zari work for generations together now. These families have small weaving machines and mostly work in their own homes and create mesmerising silk sarees that are uniquely crafted.

Mulberry silk is produced by the silkworm in the raw fibre form which is then hand-dyed and coloured to brilliance and precision. The zari which is used is pure silver and gold and is made into designs depicting the cultural heritage of the Cholas, The Pandyas, the temples, the gods and goddesses that are prayed in these temples etc.

Choosing Kanchipuram Silk Sarees
Earlier, when there was a wedding in a family, family members from everywhere would flock to Kanchipuram to buy bridal sarees and sarees for everyone in the family. Now as the world is changing and becoming modernised, more and more people are now buying these sarees off the internet.

One can buy Kanchipuram saree online as there are many official sites that purchase these silk sarees directly from the weavers and sell them to the customers worldwide.

It is of utmost importance that the buyer makes sure that the saree purchased is pure Kanchipuram Silk saree and therefore makes sure that the website and the seller is genuine. Most silk sarees are graded and come with a hallmark from the Authority of Silk Board of India called the ‘Silk Mark’. Such sarees are genuine and are made from certified pure silk with pure golden and silver Zari work.

Once a saree is purchased, using and storing these exquisite saree is also something to be careful about. Silk sarees need to be dry washed with the mildest detergents and air-dried in mild sunlight. They must be stored wrapped in soft tissue paper and preferably kept in a well ventilated place.

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