Class-3 maths made easier with these simple tips

If someone asks you to think of a really tough problem, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Well, kids who are studying in class 3 can probably think of some big or complex maths equation, right?

For most people, math seems like one of the most difficult subjects out there. 

It’s abstract, it’s complex and unfortunately for those reasons a lot of tiny students adopt the belief that they’re not just math people. This is patently untrue because math is a skill that can be learned just like any other. 

One should have the belief that they can do better in maths and have the motivation to do so. 

And if you do, the obvious question is how do you get better at math?

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Well, fortunately, this is one of those questions that has a pretty simple answer. 

If you want to get better at math, you have to do lots and lots of math. 

And the tougher the problems are, the better. 

Because tough problems will stretch your understanding and lead you to new breakthroughs. 

But, in the course of studying math and working through these tough problems, you are eventually going to come to problems that just stump you, that you get completely stuck on. And when you get to these points it’s important to know how to eventually solve these problems, because these problems are the ones that are really going to stretch and build your skillset. 

It is suggested that some practical techniques for working through maths and eventually solving those problems that seem insurmountable at first. 

To start, the first one has to focus on a piece of advice the Hungarian mathematician George Polya shares in his 1945 book “How to solve it”. 

It goes:-  If you can’t solve a problem, then there is an easier problem you can solve: find it! 

In general point of view, this is the most important technique to understand and put into practice when you’re trying to solve tough math problems. 

Because math builds upon itself. More complex concepts are built upon simpler concepts. And if you don’t have a strong grasp on the fundamental principles, then a more complex problem is going to likely stump you. 

So, if you come across a problem that you can’t solve, first, identify the components or the operations that it wants you to carry out. A lot of times, complex problems will have multiple. 

Now, what can be done in this case is, split the problems into multiple problems that isolate just one of those components or operations. 

Remember, mastery means not being able to get it wrong. Not just getting it right at once.

Anyway, once you’ve mastered those underlying components in an isolated setting now you can come back to the more complicated problem that combines them. 

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At this point, you should be able to work those isolated concepts in your sleep which means that all of your mental processing power can go toward the new and novel problem of how they work in tandem. 

First and foremost, before you go running off to find a solution, ask yourself honestly, have You pushed your brain to the limit to try to solve this problem first?

Don’t rush when you work through math problems!

And secondly, it’s really tempting to try to work through the homework as fast as you can, but with math, rushing is only going to hit you down the road 

Because when you rush, you don’t master the concepts. 

And at a tender age, it’s very important to build a strong foundation in any subject. 

And later on when you’re sitting in a testing room, or you’ve to apply what you’ve learned in the real world you are going to get a harsh lesson about exactly what it is you don’t know. 

And now when it comes to kids, students of primary grades the big question is how to make maths easier for them to learn? 

Now, there are ways to make maths a go-to subject with simple tips.

Focusing on class-3, it has been seen that Maths Magic NCERT Book Class 3 made things very easy for the students. 

They include 

  • Chapter 1:  Where to Look From
  • Chapter 2:  Fun with Numbers
  • Chapter 3:  Give and Take
  • Chapter 4:  Long and Short
  • Chapter 5:  Shapes and Designs
  • Chapter 6:  Fun with Giving and Take
  • Chapter 7:  Time Goes On…
  • Chapter 8:   Who is Heavier?
  • Chapter 9:   How Many Times?
  • Chapter 10:  Play with Patterns
  • Chapter 11:  Jugs and Mugs
  • Chapter 12:  Can we Share?
  • Chapter 13:  Smart Charts!
  • Chapter 14:  Rupees and Paise

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) publishes Maths textbooks for Class 3. The NCERT Class 3rd Maths textbooks are precisely known for it’s up to date versions and thoroughly revised syllabus. The NCERT Maths Books are completely based on the latest exam patterns as well as the CBSE syllabus. 

NCERT updates its Maths books in reference to the latest question papers of each year. 

The Class 3 Maths books of NCERT are well recognized for their presentation. 

The use of the Class 3 NCERT Maths Magic book is not only suitable for understanding and learning the concepts of the regular school syllabus of various boards but it is also very useful for the students who want to sit for various competitive exams, state-level exams, Engineering, and Medical Entrance Exams, and Olympiads.

Most of the students face difficulty in math when they reach higher grades. It has been observed that they don’t find it difficult to understand the concept in fact they are weak in understanding the basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, HCF, LCM and the reason for this is that the strong base has not been set for them in early ages.

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One can follow some tips to learn maths in a fun and easy way from NCERT MATHS MAGIC BOOK CLASS-3.

Always try to learn maths in an interesting way. Starting at an early age will be a plus point. 


  • Play math games 

Go beyond pen and paper to make math a fun learning experience. 

 Example- You can also use the dot-to-dot picture puzzles which we use to connect the numbers in sequence from 1to 100 to form a picture. 

  • To start playing sudoku class-3 is the right time to do some brainstorming 
  • Focus on concepts 

To learn division you can use candies. 

Let’s say you have 10 candies and you have to divide it among 5 persons to give equal candies to each. 

  • Everyday mathematics 

Let the children participate in grocery or vegetable marketing. If they are involved in day-to-day activities they would learn maths easily and quickly. 

  • Use technology 

Students can solve puzzles, riddles, creative reasoning or can play quiz games online or offline.

Keep working until you do!

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