Why You Should Keep Your Most Important Data In RAM

RAM is volatile storage that loses data when a device loses power. When files or applications are opened, they are written in RAM and remain there until they are closed, or the device loses power. Upon booting, a computer operating system is copied in RAM to sustain a higher speed of its features. 

The latest technology has made it possible to store data in RAM and take advantage of its super speeds. A business person can store the most important data of their business in RAM to accelerate access speed. There are many advantages of storing data in RAM. 

Why RAM is important

RAM stores data that requires fast access. These can be files or applications that are open at any one point. Generally, RAM has a greater speed compared to disk storage. It is important in maintaining performance. When a business person is dealing with larger files or more data, they require more RAM to avoid affecting speed. 

RAM is bigger than cache, although cache has greater speed compared to RAM. There are different ways used to increase speed in RAM but to understand how it works, it might help to first understand what is smart cache. It is used to accelerate digital applications through a distributed system. 

Why keep important data in RAM?

Some business processes like processing online payments require fast and consistent speed. If the speed is slow, customers can abandon the system and look for a faster system. Due to this, the business loses income. RAM storage provides many benefits.

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RAM provides greater speed

One of the best ways to sustain the best system speed is to use RAM. A business person gets more advantages when they store their most important data in RAM. Random Access Memory boosts the system speed many times compared to disk storage. 

RAM can be connected with other computers remotely

Another advantage of RAM storage is that it can be connected with other computers. One RAM might not be enough to provide the required speed to run important business processes. However, one RAM can be connected with multiple RAMs in a cluster system. 

The RAMs connect in parallel such that each RAM is a separate unit processing a certain set of data. If one RAM was functioning at 10x the speed, multiple RAMs connected in parallel would function at 1000x faster. 

Data in RAM is readily accessible

Data stored in RAM can be accessed anytime it is required. There is no need to retrieve it from a hard disk which can slow the process. This helps a business person to access important data in real-time. 

Customers who need to access business applications will not experience downtime when the applications are running in RAM. It helps improve customer experience, which can help with business growth and customer retention

RAM can read and write operations

There is a big difference between hard disk storage and RAM when it comes to reading and writing. Hard disks require applications to read data from them and write into them. This means there will be a waiting time before the application locates where the data required is stored. 

Once the application locates where the data is stored in the hard disk, it reads it and writes it in memory to make it available for display on the gadget screen. These lengthy processes make a business system experience downtime due to hard disk latency. 

The solution is to store the most important data in RAM. Although applications can read from RAM and write, it is not purely dependent on applications for its functionality. RAM is designed in a way that it can read and write operations without being assisted by an application. 

Due to this, RAM bypasses the need to retrieve data from hard disks if the data is stored in it. The processes get accelerated, making data accessible in no time. This is a big advantage to the business because it can process more data using RAM.

RAM is extremely efficient

In terms of efficiency, RAM exceeds hard drive storage by far. A business that is processing terabytes of data can complete the processes in no time. RAM achieves results in a short time with little effort. 

Because the time it takes to process data is short, a business person saves a lot of money as a result of saved time. Lesser time for processing data also means RAM will consume less energy which saves more money for the business.

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It is easy to upgrade RAM

It is possible to remove a hard disk from a computer and use other means of storage. However, RAM is part of a computer that it cannot do without. Computers are created in a way that their RAM can be upgraded. 

If the available RAM seems to be slower, it can be added to accommodate more storage and increase speed. This functionality will help a business person increase storage for its important files. It will also help increase speed so that the files are accessed at a greater speed. For more information visit this site: cnnnewsworld

Types of RAMs

There are two main types of RAMs used in computers today. 

Static RAM – SRAM

SRAM is mainly used as the CPU cache memory. It stores data using a 6-memory transistor cell. SRAM is the fastest type of memory because it requires lower access time. Compared to DRAM, SRAM is costlier. For it to run continuously, it requires to be supplied with power all the time. Due to this, SRAM consumes more energy. It also offers lesser storage capacity. 

Dynamic RAM – DRAM

DRAM stores data in different capacitors located in specific circuits. It is the main memory used in modern computers. It is a volatile type of memory that requires power to refresh constantly. If it lacks power, it loses data stored in it. 

It is slower storage because it has a higher access time. In terms of costs, it is cheaper than SRAM. DRAM consumes lesser power because it uses capacitors to store power. It provides a larger storage capacity. 

Video RAM – VRAM

This type of RAM is designed specifically for videos. It comes with two ports to allow videos to be read and written consistently. 

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