Why should you visit Dubai?

Dubai is one of the few cities in the Middle East that is truly open to Western tourists. It is one of the seven municipalities of the United Arab Emirates. Located east of the Arabian Peninsula and southwest of the Persian Gulf, the city is renowned for its constant sunshine, beautiful coastline, and vast deserts, among others. However, it should be noted that this destination comes with the responsibility of being sensitive to the prevailing Islamic practices observed in Dubai.

Dubai prides itself on good law and order enforcement throughout the city. Visitors will feel safe exploring the area at any time of the day. But although Dubai is considered a safe travel destination, it is still imperative to be careful of yourself, your belongings and the environment.

The city is suitable for solo travelers as well as families, you can also find out about the various Dubai holiday packages offered by reputable travel agencies. The municipality is very strict with community regulations, especially with regard to hygiene and general food safety. So have fun! Here are 3 other good reasons to take Dubai holidays!

  1. For its architecture

Rooted in its leadership by ambitious leaders and innovative minds, Dubai has proven to the world that Sheikh Mohammed’s statement is true: “In Dubai, we don’t wait for things to happen. We realize them.”

Discover the ancient: Dubai has a rich history that will give every visitor a sense of traditional Arab culture, and the Dubai Museum is a popular historical attraction. Located inside Fort Al Fahidi, one of Dubai’s oldest structures, the museum houses important artifacts and stories that recall the city’s humble roots.

The Al Bastakiya district is also one of the favorite places for a trip to the past. It is best known for its wind turbines designed to provide air conditioning in the dry city in the past. It now houses art galleries and various shops.

Exploring the New: People asked what landmarks or buildings they remember in Dubai will likely come up with a resounding “Burj Khalifa” as the answer. Offering a unique view of the city, the tallest building in the world hints at how much the city has changed in recent years.

The Burj Al Arab is another stunning piece of architecture, set on man-made land reclaimed from the sea, this hotel is best known for its unique structure and lavish interiors.

  1. For its activities

In Dubai you can practice many activities: go skydiving and feel the adrenaline rush with an extraordinary view of the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina! Or hop in a hot air balloon and explore the vast dunes while enjoying aerial views over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Ideal for people with a penchant for breathtaking sunrises, moments of peace and the wonders of nature, this hot air balloon activity is definitely worth it!

You can also go on a safari in Dubai: book an unforgettable moment! A typical desert safari begins at your doorstep, where your guide will pick you up to drive you through the dunes usually in the Lahbab Desert or the Dubai Desert Animal Conservation Reserve. The first experience is usually a thrilling session in the dunes in a 4×4.

  1. For shopping 

The souks, which mean “markets” in Arabic, thrive in the region. There are souks dedicated to textiles, fabrics, spices and gold, among others. Two of the most famous souks in the city of Dubai are the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. The Spice Souk offers a variety of amazing herbs and spices, while the Gold Souk offers unbeatable deals on high-quality jewelry.

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