Top 3 Most Beautiful Cities in Georgia

When moving or traveling, we usually think of what we want to do while there: but what about what we want to see?  Georgia is full of endless activities, but it’s also one of the most beautiful states in the country.

Why Georgia?

Although Georgia may be best known for the crops it produces and its hand in the filming industry: this state offers a little bit of everything for those who want it.  From the fantastic views and gorgeous local wildlife to the incredible thriving cities, there’s a little bit of something for everyone who wants to stop in.

Georgia is a vast state that covers a lot of terrains, offering everything from snowy mountains to beautiful beaches and swamps and marshes in between.  Although the air is thick and the summers are hot, there’s no place that makes sweet tea as refreshing and vitalizing as this state.

These are the most beautiful cities to visit, and that is why they’re such hot tickets.


At the heart of Georgia, Macon is home to history and nature that make it incredible to be able to walk through.  From the Native American earthen mounds that are over a thousand years old to the gorgeous nature and wildlife that encircle this city, it’s one of the most beautiful areas on Earth.  The local architecture adds to this appeal, with fantastic design and city planning that make Macon incredibly walkable for visitors.  This city is affordable, with Macon houses for rent at far lower than the national average, which means anyone can afford a slice of paradise.


Possibly the most beautiful town in Georgia and well-known for it, Savannah is a fantastic destination for anyone.  From the extremely well-manicured parks and streets to the beautiful trees that hang over and canopy the roads to block them from the severe summer heat, it’s picturesque and gorgeous through and through.  The historic district is full of cobblestone squares and parks and beautiful architecture that makes it feel like every inch of this city was made to be picture-ready.  Although it’s expensive to live here, it’s worth it to live in such a lovely place.

Tybee Island

If you’re ready to get away from the stress of everyday life, it’s time to get out to Tybee Island!  This barrier island is close to Savannah city and offers an escape to sandy shores and sunny skies.  Home to a still-functioning 18th-century lighthouse, and endless history and fun, you’ll fall in love with this little beach town.  Rated as one of the most beautiful places in the country, it’s popular with people who want to enjoy waves and beautiful weather without the drama of fighting for a spot on the shoreline.

If you want a low-stress vacation on the shoreline: it’s time to head to Tybee Island!

Georgia Is Sweeter Than Peaches

Whether you’re a Georgia native and want to pick the next place to move, or you’re from out of state and are planning a vacation: there’s no state as gorgeous as Georgia.  Consider visiting some of these cities and getting to know them soon!

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