Video Editing Tips for Business Which Enhance Market Value

Editing videos is an art that requires an artistic sense and a knack for mastering the technical aspects of video editing. A professionally edited video adds a separate layer of meaning and is an integral part of digital marketing strategies adopted by top firms globally. 

An individual is expected to spend over 100 minutes daily watching online videos. About 72% of customers surveyed admitted that they would rather watch a video about a product or a service to learn more about it. And 84% of customers feel convinced to purchase a product or service after scanning a brand’s videos. 

These facts are enough to show that your video editing skills should be prioritised to build brand awareness and ensure your business uses videos to enhance its value. Here are some of the top editing tips you can use to accentuate your business and enhance its market value via videos:

Analyse Your Target Audience

Video editors often overlook the need for analysing the target audience. However, if you want to create professional videos, you must analyse your target audience efficiently. Understand their preferences, likes, and dislikes to edit your video accordingly.

For instance, what captivates European and American citizens might not like the audiences of Asian countries. Similarly, what is acceptable in the US might not be relevant to the Asian audience. So, proper knowledge of the viewers’ demography is crucial to designing the video layout and effects.

Choose the Best Software

A professional video editing software makes it considerably easy to edit videos. Although there are countless free and paid video editing software in the market, not every software offers the same convenience and functionality. If you know how to edit video and are aware of the kind of video you need to create, your search for the proper editing software is easier. 

It is important to find software that provides distinctive features and tools within the platform/ software that give you extraordinary features to do virtually anything you want with your video. Some video editing websites let you create professionally shareable videos for free. However, if you want to try more features, you may have to shell out some fees. 

You can use these online platforms to cut, trim, and modify videos, add music, effects, animations, and transitions, and share your final work to top social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Hence, choosing the best software often makes all the difference between a perfect and an imperfect video.

Keep Your Video Concise

Brevity is the key when making videos. Customers generally do not like to spend much time on sales or marketing videos unless they are worth the time. Usually, they decide to stay or not within a minute. So, you must give the video’s main message within the first few seconds. Once they understand the purpose of staying there, they will most likely remain until the end.

It is essential to keep time in mind during video editing and reorganise the clips accordingly. Also, some video-sharing websites have specific guidelines regarding the size and length of the videos you upload. You need to check the guidelines even before taking up the task of editing.

Video compressing is the process of reducing the file size of a video while maintaining its quality as much as possible. This is done by removing unnecessary data and reducing the resolution, bit rate, and format of the video. The process typically involves using a video compression tool, where you can import the video and adjust the compression settings. Once the compression process is complete, the compressed video can be saved and shared. Keep in mind that the process of compressing a video can take a while, and the quality of the compressed video may not be as good as the original.

Plan Pre-Production Effectively

Always remember that a video with high-quality footage will be treated well online. Even though using an online video editor is easy, you must film the shots with a plan in mind. Always make sure to get good shots while filming and try to shoot during the daytime.

To avoid shaky footage, invest in a sturdy tripod, and you will see that the outcome after the editing process has exceeded your expectations. No matter where your business stands, a well-produced video will help you reach a better position and result in an enhanced market value in the future.

Add Subtitles to Videos

After winning the Oscar for his film ‘Parasite‘ in 2020, director Bong Joon Ho made a remarkable speech about how people can be introduced to so many amazing films worldwide if they overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles. It is high time you apply this advice to your business to widen your audience base and make the video accessible globally. 

YouTube now allows creators to add captions to their videos in different languages. This means that even if your video is in a language that is not commonly spoken, everyone can understand the video just by turning on captions in their video and selecting their preferred language. This will make a good impression on your business worldwide and guarantee you an enhanced market value.

Show the Human Side of Your Business

Even though it has been previously mentioned that videos with top-notch scripts and well-planned pre-productions are unstoppable, it is not always necessary to have a plan. Some viewers also prefer relatable content and raw moments over well-edited videos. Your audience will find it easier to form a bond with the business when they relate to it. So, other than making explainer videos, demo videos, etc., set aside some time to create a bond with your audience. You can do so by creating behind-the-scenes videos or creating short videos to show a glimpse into your business.

Focus On Your Brand’s USP

Businesses in the modern world thrive on impactful images and eye-catchy visuals. Visuals and images also play a crucial role in displaying your brand USP (Unique Selling Proposition). However, while choosing images, ensure that they align with your brand objectives and your customer’s preferences and likes.

While editing the video, you should ensure that your video highlights what your business has to offer and how your business is unique and different from the rest. Highlighting your business’s USP to your audience will ensure that you distinctively portray what your business offers. Doing so will not only make your business stand out from the rest of your audience but will also create goodwill and encourage your audience to be loyal to your business. A wise way to understand how to include your brand USP in the video is by watching your competitors. 


If your objective is to build brand awareness, consider revving up your video editing skills with the tips mentioned above. A well-edited video can usher in a new era of brand value and marketability for your business. Thanks to intuitive video editing platforms available online, video editing is no more a time-consuming affair. You can browse the templates and edit the video using the many tools. So, what are you waiting for? Put your knowledge to use with the tips mentioned and enhance your business value.

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