The future of Webtoon in the digital age and the direction of nft in 2022.

People often can’t distinguish where Korean light novels come from.  Manhwa Korea relies on content and illustrations to convey a story or plot.  Both words and drawings are important to manhwa, but they can also be completely unrelated to manhwa and Japanese manga.

 In light novels are mainly used to attract readers and are mainly portraits of characters or depicting a scene in the book.Novel updates are updated weekly with thousands of new chapters with light novel content.  Korean, Japanese and Chinese light novels.

Korea is known as the cradle of the webtoon industry. Korea is also known as the paradise of romantic love movies, in which there are many films that are successfully adapted from good and famous webtoon comics.Currently, thanks to strong development technology, webtoon is growing more and more popular all over the world. Manhwa Webtoon is also known as a method to convey Korean cultural content to readers around the world. Even so, the domestic webtoon industry is still pondering, concerned about the issue that Korean Internet giant Manytoon Comics will exclusively use the phrase “webtoon”.

You may already know that webtoon is a combination of website and cartoon, this is a type of digital animation, published by posting online in scrolling format. Users can experience it right on their phone or using their laptop. Glock for sale online now on the online store. For more information visit this site : glockforsale

Webtoon has been a big hit since its launch. Webtoon has been adapted into many TV series as well as movies. Thanks to that, the webtoon’s attraction is getting bigger and bigger. However, a fierce controversy broke out. Manytoon Comics has registered a trademark in Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan as a webtoon. This means, Manytoon Comics does not want to threaten any webtoon company and they also do not require other companies to pay for other services when using webtoon. An official of Manytoon Comics believes that filing a trademark application for the manhwa webtoon is a form of defense to protect the webtoon against foreign companies. They also shared that in the US, the webtoon was registered by another individual but the meaning has nothing to do with the webtoon. As a result, Manytoon Comics had to bear many costs over the years on trademark copyright issues. Manytoon Comics believes that this trademark registration is really necessary, because this will not only serve the international reading service but also protect the webtoon as an exclusive Korean cultural talent.

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Although Manytoon Comics is doing the right thing and on the right track to bring the webtoon to the world, perhaps this webtoon company is threatening others, other companies in this industry. An industry insider said that Manytoon Comics probably doesn’t want to take over the trademark, but other webtoon companies are still quite worried as many potential problems may arise when using webtoon services outside of Korea. Nowadays, webtoons are really booming, and they are called digital media, cartoons and comics. President of the Korea Webtoon Industry Association, Mr. Seo Bum-gang, said that registering a copyright for a trademark is an important and necessary step to protect and bring the webtoon to the world. He believes that in the coming years, the Korean webtoon will attract a large number of readers around the world. Regardless of Manytoon Comics’s intentions, not copyrighting the trademark is really reckless and in the long run will adversely affect the development of the industry. He shared that if Manytoon Comics can reduce anxiety or form agreements with stakeholders, perhaps this anxiety will be reduced.

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