New Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams Just Released

Microsoft have just recently announced a brand new inclusion in the Microsoft Teams Calling Plans which features a genius pay as you go calling plan that works for both domestic and international calls. Many businesses find themselves spending hundreds of thousands of unnecessary expenses on Calling Plans that end up charging you for more than you actually use – and this is what makes the pay as you go Microsoft calling plan such a great tool.

Many businesses over the last couple of years have had to change the way in which they work and have incorporated a lot more remote based activities and online communication tools being used. Microsoft Teams is one of the most loved applications that is used around the world for businesses that have to make a lot of calls and communicate or collaborate with different teams and staff members in different countries or department or locations in general. Many businesses understand that you have to decide between either a domestic calling plan or an international calling plan, however, Microsoft have made things a little bit more interesting and convenient by introducing a pay as you go calling plan that can be used both domestically and internationally.

If your business currently uses Microsoft Teams, or any other Microsoft tools and you are wondering why you don’t know about this brand new calling plan that could be saving you money, then you should probably consider partnering with a trusted and accredited Microsoft partner. A Microsoft partner will not only be able to pass on certain discounts and packages to you for the solutions that you use but they will also be able to provide your business with IT support an ongoing maintenance and ensure that the tools and applications that your business and teams are using or not only cost effective but also working towards your businesses goals.

A great example of a Microsoft partner that also provides trusted and professional IT Support in London are TechQuarters who are a London-based IT support provider and managed IT services company that are also a gold Microsoft partner and help many businesses to not only streamline their processes and operations using Microsoft tools and applications but also provide their teams with ongoing and proactive support and guidance to ensure that their IT systems and IT infrastructure are working for the business. Having a partner like this on your side is almost as though you have your very own Office 365 Company on-call whenever you need them to help you with support issues or just ensure that your business is on the right track.

When it comes to the brand new calling plan that Microsoft have released, we all are very familiar and aware of the older and more commonly used domestic calling plan and the international calling plan which only allow you to call either domestic land lines or international and domestic lines depending on which package you choose. These are usually quite costly, and many companies end up paying for things that they don’t ever end up using. The beauty of this pay as you go solution is that you can call both international and domestic lines and are only charged for the calls that you actually use and the minutes on those calls – nothing more. This calling plan is available in over 196 different countries and regions and has unlimited incoming minutes which are included.

If you find that your business is spending a lot of money on Calling Plans and wanting to find out if you can save costs by using a pay as you go plan, we highly recommend reaching out to a Microsoft partner in your area and finding out what they suggest in terms of which Calling Plans would work best for you and how they can help you to get these set up and support your business going forward.

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