Most Common Split AC Problems

Split air conditioners have become a crucial part of most homes. One of the advantages of having a split system service is that it allows the temperature to be controlled for each room. They are efficient and are simple to use. However, Split ACs are likely to break down if not maintained or serviced regularly. 

Here are some common split air conditioner problems:

AC Not Cooling Properly

As mentioned before, split air conditioners are efficient. shelfari They can cool any room at the set temperature within minutes. However, if the air conditioner is not cooling the room even after hours of being switched on, there is some problem with it, and it needs to be checked out. The three most common issues in such a case can be:

Blocked Air Filters

Air filters are installed to protect the air conditioner from dust, dirt, debris, or hair. If air filters are not cleaned annually or at least once in six months, dust and dirt can block the air filters, hampering them from working efficiently. This mixx can result in the air conditioner working harder to cool the same room and consuming more power, which results in higher bills but slower cooling. 

Ice Forming Around Coils 

Another plausible reason for the slow cooling of an air conditioner is ice forming around the evaporator coils. When a sheet of ice forms on the evaporator coil, it is unable to absorb heat, and as a result, the AC’s cooling performance is slowed down. This can also lead to dust and dirt getting into the air filter. Sometimes, if not maintained and serviced correctly, fungi can also start forming around the air filter or other parts of the AC. 

Dirty Split AC Outdoor Unit

A split air conditioner’s performance can also slow down when the compressor stored outside is dirty. There are also chances of it capturing dirt and dust. This can prevent the outdoor compressor from functioning in sync with the unit indoors. 

The outdoor unit can be easily cleaned if one sprays it with water at high pressure. Alternatively, one can call a professional and clean the air conditioner. 

Insufficient Refrigerant level or Leaking of Gas

Refrigerants are primarily found in liquid or gaseous states. It is an essential part of the air conditioner because the refrigerant, the compressor, and the evaporator help absorb air from outside and help in cooling. Low levels of refrigerants can also cause the air conditioner not to cool optimally. 

If the air conditioner is not cooling correctly, there are chances that the refrigerant level is low or there is gas leakage. Proper maintenance of the AC can help solve these issues. 

Faulty Air Compressor 

The compressor is one of the essential parts of the air conditioner. When the compressor does not work efficiently, the AC won’t heat to its full potential, or sometimes, it might not heat at all. The AC compressor is situated in the outdoor unit in a split system service

Some of the reasons why the air compressor might be faulty can be due to a charred wire, a defective compressor, or a false start capacitor. 

AC Switches On and Off Automatically

In such a case, it is advisable to keep the air conditioner switched off and call the professionals for maintenance. One of the reasons why such a problem is happening might be because of a faulty compressor or a frozen evaporator.

These are a few problems that are very common in a split air conditioning system. However, proper annual maintenance can help one prevent them 9xmovies mom all. 

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