Longboard Vs Skateboard: The Age-Old Debate Goes Electric

Skateboarders have been discussing the pros and cons of running longboards and skateboards for years.

In the old days, electric skateboards were also considered.

Difference between long and short

Before explaining which one is best for you, let’s briefly define the difference between a longboard and a regular skateboard.


Longboards, as the name implies, are usually wider, but longer than regular skateboards.

And why is it an advantage or choice for some skateboarders?

Now, the longer and wider the skateboard, the more balanced and forgiving the board will be. Ideal for beginners and comfortable and easy-going cruise boarding sessions.


The next big difference is the shape.

Just by looking at longboards and skateboards, you can see that they look very different. Regular skateboards have a very sharp shape, usually with kicktails on both ends and a slight camber on either side of the rail or on both sides of the board.

And longing?

Longboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but regular longboards are usually fairly flat and have a slight camber. It is also often compressed at both ends of the board. This narrowness makes it easier to use drop-through tracks. Wheels are on both ends of the narrow end of the board.


The next difference is the wheel. Longboard wheels are large and often made of soft material. This facilitates longboard cruising, improved ride quality, and shock absorption.

Less shock is equivalent to a smoother ride, but less responsive to the rider through the track or deck, which is essential when performing certain techniques.

Therefore, regular skateboard wheels are often small. Execution technology facilitates execution, allows easy control of board movement, and gives an overall sense of board control.

How is it converted to an electric skateboard?


So how are these different deck sizes and build variations transformed into a new kid on the block, an electric skateboard?

Do regular skateboarding in a similar way. The length, width, and build variations all create a very different riding experience.

And that usually comes down to the rider’s choice. Some people like cruises, others like a smooth ride, while others enjoy a free-flowing skating style with dense sculptures.

Therefore, electric skateboards should be purchased based on the purpose of the board.

But that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Now, consider this.

Where the deck size of electric skateboarders has actually begun to change dramatically, many or potential owners of electric skateboards probably use the board for more special purposes than traditional skateboarders. doing.

I’m probably standing on some toes saying this but listen to me.

Electric skateboards are more versatile in many ways (and not in others). Some boards are designed for commuting and can travel over 40 miles. Also, some boards are seriously tuned for hills and off-road terrain, while others measure at crazy speeds up to 45mph.

Regular skateboards don’t just do these things.

Unless you bomb a huge mountain, you haven’t reached the normal speed of 45mph, and I don’t know many people who are willing to work and skate back 40 miles.

Therefore, when buying a new electric skateboard, it is very important to choose between an electric longboard and a skateboard.

So what are you going to choose?

So what is the best choice?

Well, it really depends on you.

It really depends on your riding choices, board usage, rider experience level, and body shape. In other words, how you like to ride the board, how you want to ride it, your experience with the board, and of course, your weight, height, and foot size.


Longboards are perfect for those who enjoy a smooth and comfortable cruise ride. Therefore, longboards are suitable for boards used for commuting, blackboard walk sessions, or landing or off-road applications.

The lungs are also great for beginners who haven’t found their feet on the phone yet. They are much more forgiving, offer more balance, reduce responsiveness and rigor, reduce the risk of kicking the rider, provide less partial foot space than speed jerk, and make the rider easier. Allows you to adjust the position to.

Longboards are also great for people who weigh more than the average person, are considerably taller, or have larger legs. The wide and longboard provides more space and provides a balanced ride for heavy and tall riders.

An electric longboard is also physically large, so it can hold more components and are ideal for anyone who wants to create their own board.

Working on a large deck is not easy just because you have more space. There is more space for batteries and larger motors. Suitable for belt drive, dual motor builds, or long-distance builds.


Shortboards are not suitable for beginner riders, but they respond to any movement, so the rider’s position needs to be fairly well established. If the rider isn’t used to it, kicktals can be painful and speed jerks are much more common. ..

Shortboards are perfect for experienced riders or when you need a more exciting and exciting boarding experience.

Shortboards are great for riders who need a responsive, sharp, sensitive, or responsive deck. Shorts give the rider the ability to hop and jump with deep sculptures, sharp turns, and board kicktails.

As with any board sport, short, short decks can hit a tough tail at the feet of an experienced rider.

If you’re on your way to work and want to carve out a crowded street, rush to a store during the day, and create a bust between pedestrians, the shortboard is definitely the board for you.

If you want to carry the board easily, if you need more stops with pedestrian lights for commuting, or if you need to jump on public transport, shortboards are easier to move, so for these applications, It’s perfect.

Longboards are convenient to carry, long and unwieldy, heavy, and have pain in the buttocks when stored or moved. Shortboards are very easy to move, but they are often lightweight, take up less storage space, and are easy to carry.

Both models of the board have the same type of glasses, but the only real difference is the size of the deck.

Electric skateboards seem to be popular all over the world, but electric shortboards are usually cheaper than electric longboards.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of longboards and shortboards. It’s no more than why deck size is just as important to electric skateboards.

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