Investing in Quality Solar water heater in Kenya

Have you ever wondered why most people have opted for solar energy compared to other sources of energy? There are many advantages of using solar energy compared to other energy sources. Some of the benefits include the reduced bill, friendly to the environment, among many other privileges. Although solar power comes with numerous advantages, it also has its weaknesses. This article will enlighten you on some of the shortcomings in using solar water heaters.

The limitations of the use of solar water heater

Who doesn’t love warm showers, especially in cold weather conditions? The use of hot water has become a daily routine in most homes in Kenya. Even though heating water takes a long process, most people have tried to find more straightforward ways to ensure they access warm water quickly. Thanks to the new technologies, people can now heat water in their homes efficiently. The use of solar water heaters is among the embraced technologies. Solar water heaters are among the best ways of heating water, but they also have their downfalls. Continue reading this article to find out some of the limitations of the solar water heater.

Solar water heaters need additional rooftops

Most people embrace the use of solar water heaters because once installed, they don’t need to pay either the annual or the monthly bill, and also, it is environmentally friendly. Despite these advantages, there are other factors you should consider before planning to install the solar water heater. Installing a solar water heater requires enough space. People who have enough at their tops may not manage to install solar water heaters or may be forced to construct another site where to install it. Isn’t that costly?

Solar water heaters operate where the sun is available and in abundance

Solar water heaters operate well when the sun is in abundance. There are different weather conditions; there are cold seasons and warm seasons. Mostly, people love to warm water during cold seasons, at least, to keep their bodies warm. Unfortunately, since solar only works well when there is the availability of sunlight, most people may opt for other heating methods other than the use of solar water heaters.

Solar water heater operates well during the day

Solar energy is sun-dependent, and the sun is only available during the daytime. What do you think will happen during the night when you need to heat your water? The solar water heater price in Kenya is high since it has numerous advantages.

Solar water heaters are not helpful, especially during rainy seasons

Since solar energy depends on sunlight, it may not operate well during rainy seasons. During rainy seasons there is limited or no sunlight at all. Since the solar water heater is sunlight-dependent, it may fail to work well during these seasons. People who install a solar water heater should plan on alternative water heating methods, especially during these seasons.

To conclude, even though solar energy is among the best forms of energy, it also has its weaknesses. This article has tried to discuss some of the limitations of solar water heaters.

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