How To Sell Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Etc… (and Earn Money)

Those of you having talent in music or such related field must know how to sell your music on Amazon, which is a big platform to sell almost anything. Your talent must reach many people so that you can become famous in the field that you have chosen as your carrier.

If you are interested in releasing your music as a new artist for the first occasion, then it will be better to take support from MusicDigi who can help you promote your music on various online platforms so that you can find more audiences to showcase all your talent.

If you have recorded your music track for the first time and now want to use various Digital Service Providers like Apple Music, Spotify, or Deezer then you can start in the following way:

  • Find a distributor
  • You must develop a solid strategy to find your audience
  • Release your music and then regularly follow up!

Also, self-publishing your music can be a great idea. Your music will be published immediately in the public domain. You must put your downloadable PDF version on the website to sell your music online

Self-publishing is, however, very hard work as you have to complete all the tasks that a publisher would have done for you. However, you can have full control over your entire work and all income that you earn can be kept by you. 

How can you release your songs on different platforms?  

  • Post your video 

First, you must post your video on YouTube. Contents on YouTube can easily be shared. Your fans too will share your songs with others if they like.

  • Maintain your active social media account

You must have accounts on various social media, where you may share your video as these days these are very effective. 

  • Use iTunes for promoting your song

To start with you can put your music on iTunes for your promotion and when you get a good response then you can release your complete album.

  • Upload on Spotify

Get your music on Spotify also and for that, you can also take the support of MusicDigi, who will collect all payments and send them to you.

  • Create your Account at Tunecore

Another independent artist community is available at TuneCore where you may create your own account and release all your songs by using this platform to more than 150 digital stores for music.

  • Create your blog and website

For your digital music distribution and promotion, you can also create your website and publish your blogs.

  • Use email

Using your email is also another way of promoting your music among your friends and communities.


You can make use of all these free services and tools to get more exposure for your songs by releasing them online or get your music on TikTok. People need to hear your music before deciding whether or not to buy it. Also, you have all these resources at your disposal for free.

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