How to Increase YouTube Subscribers with 7 Quality Marketing Tips

Producing audiovisual content is on the rise. According to Cisco, the projection is that, by 2021, this format will be responsible for 82% of all internet traffic. In this scenario, understanding how to increase YouTube subscribers with good marketing can help you place your channel among the most viewed by this large audience. 

YouTube is, according to Alexa, the 2nd most visited website in the world, second only to Google, a search engine used on a global scale. 

If you are looking for information that will help you understand how to get a lot of subscribers (or buy subscribers) on YouTube and make your channel explode in popularity, get ready. Throughout this article, we will talk about 9 strategies that will help you achieve this goal! 

How to have a lot of YouTube subscribers without having to buy them? 

If you are trying to understand how to increase YouTube subscribers, you have surely come across the possibility of buying new followers, right? It may seem like an easy and — relatively — affordable alternative, but it’s far from recommended. 

This is because the purchase of followers usually lacks a lot in segmentation and sends profiles to your channel that are not identified with the content offered, making the large number of followers mean nothing more. 

We know that the goal of a youtuber is not that. We already talked about in our article on how to be a successful youtuber that the key to creating a community of followers and fans is engagement. So, if this is your goal, you need to know the real secret to getting lots of ENGAGED subscribers to your channel. 

The best way to consistently and effectively increase YouTube subscribers is by investing in good marketing strategies. That’s because the goal of marketing is precisely to capture customers by offering value. 

Therefore, by getting to know the marketing strategies that work on YouTube better, you will also understand how to value your digital product to offer customers (or, in this case, followers), what they are looking for. 

Come on? 

1. Speak to a Niche

The first secret to figuring out how to increase YouTube subscribers is to rigorously determine your niche of followers. And how to do it? Well, there are some pretty sure ways. 

The first of these is defining one (or several) personas. A persona, in general, is a detailed description of your target audience. And when we say detailed, we mean as much information as possible. It may seem strange, but it helps to understand exactly what that follower profile is looking for. 

For example, if we talk about YouTuber Felipe Neto, who has already surpassed 38 million followers on his channel, we will know that his persona (or one of) is:

  • pre-teen/teen;
  • who likes games;
  • has access to computers and other electronic devices;
  • accompanies the biggest memes on the internet;
  • is curious and critical. 

Having just this information in hand, it is already easier to define what kind of content this persona’s niche wants to see. In addition, there are also other tools that help a lot in defining themes, such as the YouTube search tool.

It helps to understand what they are most looking for, for example, people interested in online courses. Just type, in the search field, the beginning of the term “online course…” and let the tool autocomplete your sentence. The first results indicate the terms that are most frequently searched. 

2. Make videos with identity

The second step in figuring out how to increase YouTube subscribers is fully connected with the previous item: once you’ve discovered your niche and what it’s looking for, it’s time to create an identity, and follow it to the end! 

But why is this going to help me get a lot of YouTube subscribers, you might be wondering. 

The answer is: because a channel with an identity has everything it takes to become a reference in the subject it dominates, and therefore tends to gain importance for YouTube. 

Can you see a coherence between everything on the page? We’re talking about the top banner, the featured video, the video series and even the channel profile picture. 

In addition to the visual identity, there is also a unity in the content. YouTube realizes this, and, when crossing this information with the number of hits and followers of the page, it also understands that this is a profile that is worth mentioning. 

3. Produce amazing content

And speaking of content…if you want to know how to get a lot of YouTube subscribers, understand: your content is your guide.

It’s no use mastering all the marketing techniques taught here if your content isn’t engaging, different, interesting and doesn’t have good technical quality. 

For this, choose the best camera to record videos that speak to your subject, bet on the best video editors, discover how to create the ideal scenario for your production and make sure to finish it: it’s worth putting music on the video and exploring different types of cuts and transitions.

4. Be consistent

Being present is also a way to see, in practice, how to increase subscribers on YouTube. That’s because consistency is a way of asserting your credibility for the platform and showing followers that your channel is worth following. 

But what is the ideal frequency of posts on YouTube? 

To find this answer, we need to take a few factors into account:

  • the first is the volume of information circulating daily in the tool. There are more than 1 billion hours of video watched daily on YouTube!;
  • the second is the performance of the competition.
  • the third is your target audience profile.
  • the fourth, and last, is your ability to create a schedule and stick to it.
  • The sum of all these factors should determine the ideal frequency of posts for your channel. 

5. Work your SEO correctly

Understanding how to increase YouTube subscribers also requires some knowledge of SEO. 

YouTube’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) engine works like Google’s. So, if you already work with digital marketing, you won’t have so much trouble working here either. It is important, however, to pay attention to the particularities of the channel: 

importance of using attractive images as video thumbnails;

include the keyword at the beginning of the video title, description and meta description that appears in the search result; 

use links to other social networks of yours, websites or partners in the video description;

subtitle the videos (even when they are made in Portuguese), making them accessible to people with hearing problems, for example;

use tags that relate to your video (for example: a video about how to teach online tutoring can have tags like e-learning, class, online, private lesson, EAD platform, and so on).

6. Make good descriptions for your videos

Knowing how to increase YouTube subscribers also involves understanding the importance of the smallest details, such as the video description. 

It may seem like a detail to be “filled in later”, but the description fulfills important functions. It helps to better understand the video content and can often be responsible for the decision to click on your content. 

In addition, it is also a factor of content identification by YouTube algorithms. So, again, don’t forget to include your keywords to maximize your chances of seeing your video among the most recommended on the page. 

7. Produce longer (and interesting) videos

Recently, Briggsby conducted a study to understand some of the factors considered by the algorithm to rank content, which brings benefits such as increasing YouTube subscribers.

Two of the findings were directly related to the duration of the videos. The first was that very short videos, under 2 minutes, tend to rank poorly. The second, is that the average duration between the contents of the first positions is 11 minutes. 

With that in mind, bet on longer content — but don’t let it get boring! After all, YouTube’s logic for ranking longer videos better assumes that they are engaging enough to keep your users on the page longer! 

At the end of this reading, you have valuable tips on how to increase YouTube subscribers. Our bonus tip is to combine all these ideas with excellent multi-channel advertising to ensure that the public knows and accesses your content!

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