How to Choose the Best Bone Cutter Machine in Kenya

A bone cutter machine has a designation primarily for cutting bones and freezing meat into smaller particles. The process involves the placement of bones or flesh between the saw belt and the push slab. Again, consider lifting the meat feeding handle with one hand while pushing the material to the stop plate with the other hand.

This article focuses on the factors to consider before purchasing the machine for better choices.

Innovation has necessitated the meat industry by giving rise to a cutter machine, which has made work more accessible. The application of a bone cutter machine is ideal for restaurants, hotels, food processing industries, and butcher’s across various beef, poultry, and fish industries. The whole device boosts stainless steel or steel coated surfaces that comply with international standards on food hygiene.

Below are some of the factors that affect your purchasing decisions.

The power transmission

When explaining the aspect of power, it’s worth noting that there exist two categories, namely the manual and the automatic. Depending on the workload, the butcher may opt for either of the above machines, although they have a distinguishing application. In this regard, the manual cutter machine mostly relies on human energy, which may be tiresome on large-scale operations but not altered by energy disruptions. On the other hand, the automatic transmitted machine is convenient and faster though it’s only operational when there is a power supply, hence not that reliable.

The space of your butchery

The selection of the machine will depend on the space available because they differ in size. For instance, when compared to manuals the electric machine turns out to be bigger and this may mean a bigger room to accommodate it. Again, the users of the machine should be able to evaluate the workload to ensure a larger space supporting the same. Therefore, one should check on the space available to establish the machine that suits his/her needs.


The machine capability in terms of functioning and performance is a crucial factor in determining the bone cutter machine price in Kenya because it translates to quality. For example, most butchers would prefer powerful machines to manage bone cutting more efficiently and deliver results faster. However, it’s good to note that the size of the machine does not equate. Furthermore, the strength of the machine may determine the durability, with the most powerful being attached to high longevity and vice versa.

The specifications of the machine

To fully understand the nature of the equipment, it’s essential to analyze the specifications to establish whether the features will offer the best solution to your problem. This will come in handy with identifying the strength of the brand to ascertain its credibility and reliability. In addition, features such as steel coating, low-power consumption, and speed should be a priority when choosing the proper equipment.


In summary, the bone cutter machine is high efficiency and easy to operate while delivering better results In all areas of operations. However, the choices are not limited to the list highlighted above but even the price and the maintenance cost remain significant factors to shape your purchasing decisions. The prospective buyers should integrate all these factors to acquire the appropriate machine suitable for their demands.

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