Get to Know Husqvarna Power Saw Dealers in Kenya

Power saws are versatile and straightforward tools that allow you to cut wood quickly and efficiently. They have solid motors and massive blades to help you easily and quickly finish projects around the home.

Any person looking to reduce their energy costs will find this helpful tool because it offers a cordless alternative to the traditional reciprocating saw. These saws come with powerful engines that let you slice wood easily. Below are key factors to help in determining the dealer to purchase your power saw from.

Tilemac Building Supplies Ltd

This is one of the best authorized Husqvarna power saw dealers in Kenya situated along enterprise road Nairobi and offers a complete range of power saws, gardening tools, and lawnmowers to its clients. They boast excellent customer care and support, lifetime product service, and quality products that meet industry standards.

One does not need to be an intellectual to know that a dealer the dealer is directly connected to the manufacturer, hence sharing the brand name. There is a huge possibility that other seller dealing with the Husqvarna power saws, purchase from this main dealer, in wholesale price.

Wholesale and Retail Price

This company sells power saws in both wholesale and retail prices. This makes it cheaper for a person intending to purchase the machine in large numbers, be it for their own use or for selling at retails prices.

Warrant Certificate

Upon purchase of the Husqvarna power saw, the buyer is entitled to receive a certificate of warrant from the dealer, checked and signed. Warrant period may vary depending on the quality of the product, type and the dealer.

Other Dealers

There are also dealers who are authorized and the customers are guaranteed to get legit power saws from them. The dealers will act as the links between the manufacturer and the consumers. These dealers also give warrant certificates.

Any Husqvarna power saw dealers who doesn’t provide a certificate of warrant to the buyer is not legit, therefore, buyers should avoid purchases from such dealers. When you get to the shop, before finally agreeing to buy the power saw, confirm is the dealer will provide a warrant certificate.

Online Husqvarna Dealers

Civilization and modernization has also lent a hand in the selling and purchase of the Husqvarna power saws. Like most of the gadget that are available online nowadays, the Husqvarna power saw is also available from different online dealers.

A power saw is versatile equipment used for everything from cutting down trees to building furniture. Husqvarna power saws have existed for a long time and are still one of the industry’s most trusted brands. As the product’s demand develops, numerous dealers, including online businesses, stock it to meet the increased demand.


If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile power saw in Kenya, then visit one of the dealers and choose from the many available Husqvarna power saw types available in the market. You may also consider online platforms for your convenience because most of them deliver to your doorstep.

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