Ensuring a Child-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, and with children in the house it can quickly become one of their favorite spaces as well. Kids love to help prep meals, bake treats, and simply be close to the action. However, typical kitchens can pose safety risks and be inconvenient for little ones. With some thoughtful design considerations, you can ensure your kitchen is a safe and functional space for the entire family to enjoy.

Choose Kid-Friendly Materials

From surfaces to appliances, select materials that are durable, easy to clean, and safe for children. 


Popular materials like granite, marble, and quartz for kitchen countertops stand up well to daily wear and tear. The experts at Bedrock Quartz recommend avoiding porous natural stone that requires frequent sealing. While beautiful, they can stain easily. Instead, opt for low-maintenance quartz or granite in darker hues to conceal smudges. Include some low-profile sections that kids can reach more easily.


Look for durable cabinet materials like maple or thermofoil that resist chipping and scratches. Include pull-out shelves and drawers that make finding items easy for children. Install kid-height open shelving for displaying their artwork and favorite items.  


Vinyl plank offers a budget-friendly, kid-tough flooring solution. New vinyl floors mimic hardwood beautifully while resisting moisture, stains, and impact. For a posh yet practical option, porcelain tile flooring provides superior durability. Select textured tiles to avoid slips.

Appliances and Fixtures  

Choose appliances made of simple stainless steel or solid panels that will not reveal smudges. Install a durable porcelain farmhouse sink able to withstand heavy use. Choose faucets with a pull-down sprayer to make rinsing dishes easier for kids.

Incorporate Safety Features

Take preventative steps to avoid injuries and accidents in the kitchen. 

Use Rounded Edges

Replace any sharp corners on countertops and islands with rounded edges. Softening hard corners helps prevent painful bumps and bruises. 

Select Flush-Mounted Cabinet Hardware 

Protruding knobs on cabinets present protruding knobs on cabinets present hazards for little heads. Choose hardware that sits flush with the cabinet face instead.

Install Child Safety Locks 

Attach sturdy latches onto lower cabinets storing chemicals, breakables, or sharp tools. Place locks up high out of sight to keep kids from tampering.

Use Cord Shorteners 

Secure dangling appliance cords with shortening wraps to eliminate tripping and choking hazards. 

Anchor Furniture  

Secure tall bookcases, hutches, and shelving units to the wall studs. Use anti-tip kits to keep them from tipping over onto small children.

Pad Hard Edges

Cushion table and island edges by securing foam pipe insulation onto corners. This helps soften blows from accidental bumps.

Incorporate Extra Storage

Children’s stuff has a way of taking over. Counter the clutter with smart storage solutions.

Maximize Cabinet Space 

Take advantage of every inch by including pull-out shelves, lazy Susan’s, and door racks. Store toys, arts supplies, and snack cups within easy reach. 

Utilize Unused Nooks

Turn awkward spaces like under the stairs into closet storage. Use fabric bins to corral art supplies or hide toys when company comes over. 

Repurpose Pantry Space

Swap out deep lower cabinets with shallower pantry-height shelving. Little ones can easily access healthy snacks and water bottles.

Hang A Chalkboard Panel

Mount a chalkboard painted sheet of hardboard or tileboard low on the wall. Children can draw, practice writing, and leave you messages.


With some thoughtful design decisions and safety considerations, you can transform your kitchen into a room both you and your kids will love spending time in. Get the whole family involved in meal prep and let your child’s creativity run wild. Before you know it, your kitchen will become one of the most cherished rooms in your home.

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