All You Need to Know About Safety Boots Prices in Kenya

Our feet need protection, especially in work involving heavy machines, exposure to chemicals, or harsh conditions like heavy rain. This article looks at different safety boots and their prices. Most of the safety boots used around the world have been covered with detailed information.

Nearly all factories, workshops or any other work involving nails, forklifts, or falling blocks require the workers to be equipped with safety shoes. Foot injuries are very common in these places of work, may it be rolling or falling objects. Slips and falls are also unpredictable during work and lead to serious injuries if one doesn’t have the required safety shoes. These shoes also prevent the worker from burns and sharp objects.

Other than safety measures, safety boots are kind of fashionable. Some brands are appealing to the eye but still provide the safety required. Also, these shoes offer support to an individual during work. They offer comfort, especially during long spells of standing while working.

Types of safety boots

1. Steel-toed shoes

Steel-toed shoes are common in many jobs. They can withstand a significant amount of force of up to over eighty pounds.While choosing the right steel-toed shoes, one should consider well-fitting ones to avoid discomfort to your feet.

These shoes are slip-resistant because of their well-made soles. Furthermore, these shoes are water-resistant and protect the user’s feet from heavy rain, the hot sun, and even snowfall.Prices of these shoes vary in different shopsas there is no fixed safety boots price in Kenya.

2. Electric hazard safety shoes

These types of shoes are common with people working in areas with high voltage machines and circuits. They are non-conductors of electricity hence preventing the worker from completing an electric circuit and being electrocuted. They can withstand up to 600 volts of electricity.

In Kenya, different brands or companies have specific prices for their shoes. Some are economical while others have raised prices.

3. Steel insole shoes

These types of shoes are used where the worker’s foot shift or move too much like driving heavy trucks or pushing pedals with your feet. They offer comfort as they prevent joint and bones problem. During working these shoes stabilize your foot and hence prevent pain due to discomfort.

Many of these shoes are affordable. Although some are sold at high prices because of import costs or brand.

4. Metal instep footwear

These shoes mainly prevent your feet from sharp objects like nails. When carrying heavy objects you exert a lot of weight to the ground, so these shoes prevent accidents from any pointy objects you may encounter. They are mostly sold in black color in Kenya. Their prices vary depending on whether they are leather or made by any other material.

5. Metatarsal safety shoes

Just like the steel-toed shoes protect your toes, the Metatarsal shoes protect your entire foot. They are made of impact-resistant plastics that spread from your toes to the top of your ankles. They are more efficient as they prevent all your metatarsal bones from injury. There are different models and prices to choose from when purchasing these shoes.


Choosing the right footwear is key as far as footsafety is concerned. One should consider the right fitting shoes dependinghis/her work conditions and those that you can afford.

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