Yoga and Meditation for Diabetes

In this fast lifestyle, the number of patients suffering from the issues of diabetes is rapidly increasing. So, in order to fight back those health problems, you need to follow some ways or treatments which don’t have any kind of side effects.

Here are some points about the treatment of diabetes in Ayurveda mainly, through the Yogic approach. This could be helpful while taking ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

About diabetes

Diabetes is a health-related problem that is now known to all. In this problem, the pancreas nearly becomes unable to produce the good hormone called insulin. Therefore, as a result of these problems, the blood sugar level of the body starts increasing, thus causing a lifelong illness that is diabetes.

Treatment of diabetes through Yoga and meditation
What is yoga?

The term yoga means a spiritual discipline on the basis of subtle science, in which the main focus is bringing out the harmonious relationship between the body and mind. The term Yoga came from the root word in Sanskrit “Yuj”, meaning “to unite” or “to join”. In easier words, Yoga is a system of various exercises for the good health of the mind and body.

What is meditation?
Meditation is about training one’s awareness and getting a proper sense of perception. If you are new to meditation, you can use tools such as Mala beads to help you keep track of the number of times a mantra is recited, chanted, or mentally repeated .

The approach in Yoga
The approach in Yoga has three components.

The first component is the discipline called the practical discipline; it involves the practices of performing some specific Asanas, Meditation, and of course Pranayama.

The second type of component is related to the proper regulation of food-related practices as well as the rules regarding daily habits like sleeping patterns, some recreational activities, and of course, working habits.

The third component is related to the changes in the attitudes, behavior, and style of living, which could help in strengthening the feeling of sharing, warmth in the relations, as well as love and respect for the entire world.

Note that the consultation process with the specialist having medical knowledge with the instructions of Yoga is also very essential for the patients suffering from the problems of diabetes.

How yoga and meditation can cure diabetes?
Yoga can help diabetic patients by rejuvenating the pancreatic cells, the postures of yoga can aid the stretch of the pancreas, and this can also stimulate the production of the beta cells, which can produce insulin.

A study disclosed in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology found that Yoga Nidra can reduce the sugar levels in the blood, and this Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a practice in meditation that can offer calmness of mind and also a deep relaxation.

Many researchers investigated that mindfulness-based stress reduction or the (MBSR) process in diabetics can help the patients to a great extent. The participants practiced the skills of the self-calming process and seven attitudes of mindfulness, including non-judgment, beginner’s mind, patience, proper trust, acceptance, non-striving, and let go.

The researchers found that this special practice can effectively reduce the blood pressure levels of the patients and also in reducing the levels of stress and anxiety. This can also help the work of ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

Therefore, from the above discussion, one can conclude that yoga and meditation, along with ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, can work as one of the best treatments without giving any kind of side effect.

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