Why You Should Say Thank You for 1k Follows and Beyond A Guide

The majority of Instagram accounts will never reach 1,000 followers, or anywhere even close to that number. 

Reaching the “1,000” club changes the game.

Once you meet and surpass 1,000 followers, your authority changes. It’s a competitive space, and your strategy needs to adjust accordingly. Specifically, when it comes to retention and loyalty. 

Here’s why you should say thank you for 1k followers and beyond.

You Should Actually Be Grateful

If you have 1,000 followers, chances are you’re getting some benefit from it. Some benefits include opportunities to sponsor content on your social media page. Or, getting new job opportunities. Or access to events or experiences as an influencer. 

With that said, you should actually be grateful to your Instagram followers who have helped you achieve these opportunities. Without them, you wouldn’t be where you are. So, as is true in all aspects of life, it’s important to take a moment for gratitude. 

It Humanizes You

Once you start taking Instagram seriously, you can get so caught up in your “brand” that you forget the very important human aspect of your account, which attracted followers in the first place. 

Today’s Instagram users value transparency. They’ve been fed every type of promotion that exists, and they don’t like phony. Saying “thank you” reminds them that you’re an actual human who reads and responds to their messages and posts. It brings you back down to earth, makes you appear more accessible and approachable, and reminds them that “you’re one of us.”

Customer Loyalty

In the beginning of running an Instagram account, so much time is focused on solely growth. How do we get the numbers up? How do we translate these followers into clicks, purchases, views, etcetera?

But, once you surpass 1,000 followers, your strategy needs to be a bit more complex. A new customer journey emerges in addition to an audience persona: The loyal fan.

Now, it’s time to ensure that those followers who helped you grow, continue to help you grow. For example, some marketing experts site simply following loyal customers back as one of the key ways to thank Instagram followers.

Saying Thank You For 1k Followers Retains Customer

Loyal fans are like your hype men. They Help build your community. Retaining customers is about click-throughs. They are the conduits for your goals. 

Now that the game has become more competitive, every paying or engaging client counts. Repeat customers can change the game. When you say thank you, it acknowledges that you see and appreciate your followers’ time and money. 

It Helps Your Brand 

Of course, it all comes back to the brand. Showing that you are a gracious and kind person is never a bad thing for your brand… as long as it’s authentic. 

A cheesy, disingenuous post will do you more harm than good. So, take your time to craft a message that is from your heart. 

Don’t get too hung up on finding a way to make your thank you for 1k followers match your brand. A good brand is a reflection of you. So a post or comment from the heart will fit your brand if you’re true to yourself. 

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