Why is Vodka the Perfect Drink for Social Gatherings?

One way to de-stress after a long, hard work week is to hang out with your friends and have a chill, laid-back night. If you don’t know how to start your fun night, you can never go wrong with a bottle of vodka. Vodka and some appetisers (it is not advisable to drink on an empty stomach) are the perfect way to wind down and unfold your night. Vodka shots loosen you up enough to declutter your mind, forget about work and demanding clients, and start enjoying your weekend.

Vodka is a drink for small social gatherings with your peers. You can pick different types of vodka depending on your taste and mood. If you want to start your weekend with vodka, but it’s your first time drinking it, you have come to the right place to learn about vodka and the best ways to drink it.

What are the Different Types of Vodka?

Vodka is a very simple drink. You can drink it as it is or mix it with cocktails. Due to its simple nature, vodka only has three types:

Plain Vodka

Plain vodka is made of water (40%) and ethanol (60%), and its alcohol quantity is approximately 95%, so it hits you instantly. Plain vodka is generally tasteless, and those who like drinking it enjoy its smooth and clean texture.

Fruity Vodka

Unlike plain vodka, which is tasteless, this vodka has a fruity smell and taste. Fruits and herbs are infused and mixed to make it.

Flavoured Vodka

Flavoured vodka is probably the most enjoyed vodka and is always in high demand. Some of the flavours include bacon, marshmallow, doughnut, etc.

How to Drink Vodka?

Check Your Consumption

Due to its high alcohol content, vodka kicks in instantly. Thus, eating light snacks such as peanuts is always advised before downing a vodka shot. You can either sip your vodka or have vodka shots. Vodka shots are usually served in small “shot glasses” at room temperature. However, if you are consuming a lot of vodkas, consider sipping it so it does not burn your throat.

Vodka is a Social Drink

The way to enjoy vodka is to drink it with your friends. You don’t necessarily have to go to a bar or a club; you can simply invite your peers to your place for a relaxed night and pop open your vodka bottle.

Mix Your Vodka

Mixing vodka with cocktails enhances its texture and flavour and balances its alcohol content. You can make a vodka cocktail with various juices such as cranberry, orange, and lemon.

Before having vodka shots, keep your vodka bottle in the freezer and let it chill. Freezing vodka cools it down, so the sharp smell and taste do not produce excessive heat and burn your throat when you try vodka shots.

Can You Make Vodka Cocktails at Home?

There are various types of vodka cocktails you can try making at home using simple ingredients:

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Bloody Mary
  • Seabreeze
  • Screwdriver
  • Vodka Martini
  • White Russian
  • Greyhound

Final Thoughts

Vodka is a perfect choice of drink if you wish to wind down and have fun with your friends. You can also make different cocktails for a night of fun and partying.

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