Who Is Mister Bones?

If you watched the season two finale of “Stargirl,” you may be wondering just who is that strange skeletal character who made an appearance at the end of the episode? Speculation is that he is a former DC Comics supervillain, known as Mister Bones.

Origin Story

The character, which some believe may be a series three regular on “Stargirl,” created by Geoff Johns, has his origins in an experiment by Dr. Benjamin Love. Dr. Love administered a mutagenic drug to six pregnant women, all of whom gave birth to a metahuman child. Dr. Love then kidnapped all of the babies and raised them himself. After the children had grown into young adults, they discovered what Dr. Love had done and decided to execute him. Mister Bones took Dr. Love into the desert with the intent to kill him with his cyanide touch, but took pity on him and let him go. Afterward, inspired by the superheroes they saw on TV growing up, Bones and his siblings formed a group that they named Helix.

Infinity, Inc

The Helix group got into a variety of trouble, eventually leading to a court hearing where Infinity, Inc was given custody over Mister Bones and the rest of his siblings were sent for treatment. Though he was not an active member of the team for most of his time with the group, Bones became a hero. However, after Harlequin tricked Solomon Grundy into using Bones to kill Skyman, Bones left the group. He would later be given full membership, but Infinity, Inc disbanded shortly after.

Department of Extranormal Operations

After leaving Infinity, Inc, Mister Bones became the Director of a branch of the U.S. Department of Extranormal Operations. In this role, he worked with the Justice Society of America and various other DC Universe teams during his time with the organization.

The New 52

In the “The New 52” reboot of the DC Universe, Mister Bones is the D.E.O.’s director and thinks he is the illegitimate son of Col. Jacob Kane. Using her sister, he blackmails Batwoman into revealing Batman’s alter ego. He gets shot in the head by Agent Asaf, who later says that Bones was mentally unstable and not Jacob Kane’s son.

Mister Bones has been both a hero and a villain in his time in the DC Universe. It will be interesting to see which direction “Stargirl” decides to go with the character in season three.

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