What is a stock market graph?

As the name implies, a stock market graph is intended to provide investors and  traders with timely information on the performance of their shares at any given time. This report gives insights on the ratings of shares (stock ratings) — and the report cut across the price momentum of the share, risk, earnings, and valuation, amongst others useful pointers.

A stock market graph enables you and other investors to make predict the worth of security even before the other industry participants spot the change in its intrinsic worth. These statistics are put together by top or expert trades, those with ample experience and knowledge of the market. As we mentioned earlier, the intention of this report is to provide a detailed analysis of the performance of shares and the industry and how they will most likely be affected in the future.

What are the benefits of a stock market graph?

If you have followed from the start of this piece, you should have an idea of what the benefits of a stock market graph are. As you can imagine, this chart will provide you with useful information you can use to make an informed decision on buying or selling your shares. Having such information about the stock market also gives you an edge over other traders who don’t bother consulting a stock market graph while mapping out their trading plans.

Another benefit of a reliable chart is that it gives you an idea of your potential returns on investment. Recall that investing in the shares of any company means you are buying a portion of the business with the intention of getting positive returns on investment.

What is contained in a stock market graph?

As we mentioned earlier, the ideal chart should tell you the likely direction an asset or instrument is headed. It should give a near-perfect prediction on the future worth of shares as well as the potential risks and returns on Investments. A typical chart is the outcome of fundamental and technical research

The fundamental research leverage information from genuine sources like financial statements of a company to try and determine the value of the share. While you are it, you should be concerned about different factors affecting the business or company whose shares you are buying. 

You should look out for the company’s competitive advantage, financial stability, management, and of course, their competition. The idea is to get an idea of the value of the share and how much it will be traded in the industry. Common indicators used in fundamental research and stock market graph include but are not limited to Return on Equity (ROE), Debt-equity ratio (DER), Earning Per Share (EPS), Price to Earnings Ratio (PER), 

What is technical research in stock market graphs?

While fundamental research makes use of economic data to determine how much a share is worth technical research uses past prices to predict the trend and future price of shares. So, while reading the stock market graph, keep an eye out for price trends (sharp rises and drops in the price of the asset). 

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