What are the Steps of the Study Cycle?

We all know that studying is a lengthy process. The study is not just reading and writing in the examination. It undergoes various steps. The entire academic year of the students is spent studying. The study habits and the learning process also changes, as the syllabus of the curriculum changes every year. Achieving good grades can be a piece of cake but maintaining consistent good grades is difficult. In this article, we will know the various steps of the study cycle so that one can make the learning process better.


Every student will have a general, basic idea about the syllabus of the subject. Prior information is given to students on what is being taught next. By taking a quick glance of the concept or a preview of the topic, students are able to lay a foundation for the new concepts that will be introduced to them. One can just skim through the chapter and get a rough idea of the concepts. This helps the student to understand better when it is taught in class. Students have to take a look at the chapter, questions and answers from books such as lakhmir singh and manjit kaur solutions, to know what type of questions can be asked during the class or in an examination. This pre-reading prepares the student mentally and it helps students attend the class with full concentration. 

Listen to the Lecture

Listening to the lecture during the class is of utmost importance. Nowadays, some students attend the lecture but do not listen to it; so, listening to the lecture in class is given the highest priority in the study cycle. During the lecture, an exchange of ideas and examples takes place between the students and the teacher. Each and every student becomes curious to know more about it. One can take handwritten short notes or note down some repetitive words, formulas, and equations in order to pay more attention to these. Listening to lectures carefully will give an idea to the students about which area one must focus more. This step of the study cycle plays a major role in the process of learning. 


A mandatory task after the class is to revise the notes per the chapter taught on the same day. Revising the same evening after the class helps in retaining the information for a longer time. Furthermore, the concepts are understood easily and get engraved in the minds of the learners. A few minutes of revision from the notes taken down during the class, and a glance at the prescribed books, yields good results. 

Study and Learn

In this step, a learner has to put in more effort to overcome the difficulty of learning. This step of the study cycle includes making notes, creating tables, mapping the concepts and interrelated topics. One can have an intense study session in this step and get a good hold of the concepts. The study time must be spread out into various slots so that one will not feel bored. Instead of monotonous study, one can engage in other related activities such as solving questions related to the concept. This engages the mind and avoids boredom during the process of study. 

Test Yourself

After the completion of the concept or chapter, one can test his knowledge by solving a few questions from books such as lakhmir singh class 10 related to it. One will come to know where he stands and in which area he needs to pay more attention. This step aids in writing skills and time management during the examination, and one can know the type of questions that may be asked in the examination.  When the test is done, the learner has to analyse the answers written and award a score for himself. This helps to predict the knowledge gained over the content studied. 

One has to maintain a proper study cycle in order to be consistent in studies and score high. One has to develop a few good study habits and change his study schedule accordingly to stay focused throughout his studies to reach the goal. A study cycle enhances the growth towards studies and helps to achieve a good score. 

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