What Are the Most Recognised SAFe Certifications

Agile is a software development methodology in which results are obtained with the collaboration of customers and self-organizing teams. While applying Agile approaches to small groups and teams is easy and practical. But, Agile transition on a large scale is vulnerable to errors. Many companies face a challenge in using Agile to change from a long-standing command-and-control mentality. 

The Scaled Agile Framework is a robust approach to executing an effortless Agile transition. The first step is to implement Agile strategies and concepts in all layers of the organization. SAFe has tremendous benefits. Over 70% of Fortune 100 companies are using SAFe now. More organizations are looking for professionals with sound knowledge, and SAFe certification is evidence of that. Here are the most recognized SAFe certifications-

Implementing SAFe

It is a four-day course helping participants learn to lead a Lean-Agile transformation. Scaled Agile Framework practices are utilized to gain agility in business. Some of the subjects in the course include product delivery, technical agility, and core competencies of lead portfolio management. The course is in demand in organizations that want to execute the Agile Release Trains. The certification is valid for one year, and you have to renew it by paying a fee. The industries hiring implementing SAFe certified professionals are product development, software engineering, service, and project management. Some common benefits are:

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Basic, transparent and easy approach
  • Allows collaboration of scrum teams on a complicated project

SAFe Architect

This is a three-day course, and candidates learn the mindset, responsibilities, and roles of Agile Architects. This teaches to obtain an alignment between architecture and business values. It looks to drive continuous flow to huge systems while you support implementation. This is valid for a year and can be renewed with a fee payment. Industries that hire SAFe Architect professionals are construction, professional service, finance service, software engineering, and product development industry. Some common benefits are:

  • Learn skills to facilitate enterprise growth
  • Skills to build a continuous delivery pipeline for a growing organization

SAFe Agilist

A two-day course teaching how to master business. It gives an understanding of applying Lean portfolio management in a company. With this, attendees learn how to instill a DevOps culture. Some of the concepts taught are lean product development, system thinking, Agile development, and SAFe principles. The industries looking to hire the SAFe Agility professionals are industries utilizing project management, IT, Finance, and software development. Renewal is required after each year of completion of the course. Some common benefits are:

  • High remuneration after taking the course

SAFe Program Owner

The two-day course covers to use of lean thinking in decomposing epics into stories and features. A few of the concepts covered in the course are to manage team backlogs and programs, implement program iterations and increments and refine features into stories. Like other courses, it also requires annual renewal. The industries hiring professionals capable of these concepts include architecture, manufacturing, engineering, and real estate. Some common benefits are:

  • Handling complex projects
  • Worldwide recognition

DevOps Practitioner 

Organizations need to provide useful technological solutions in the right place. It should be enough to let businesses thrive in the dynamic market. The SAFe DevOps is a two-day course to teach attendees how to collaborate across non-technical, leadership positions and technical teams. The course requires an annual renewal. The industries that hire the SAFe DevOps professionals are product development, service, investment banking, and the construction industry. Some common benefits are:

  • Continuous delivery pipeline
  • Learn to develop and integrate DevOps
  • Teaches the use of DevOps technologies

SAFe Scrum Master

A two-day course aimed to teach candidates an understanding of the role of a Scrum Master in an organization. It teaches to successfully implement and plan Program Increment throughout the different levels of an organization. Similar to the other courses, it requires an annual renewal. Industries looking to hire professionals with SAFe Scrum Master certificates are investment banking, construction, and engineering industries. Some common benefits are:

  • Salary Benefits
  • Sets your resume apart

Wrapping It Up

SAFe provides a wide approach to implementing and scaling Agile and Scrum at a high level. It includes proper preparation under the supervision of an experienced mentor in SAFe’s function, values, and execution. By being involved in the course, it is important to get full awareness of the vital principles of Agile. Taking several model papers for practice and reviewing basic and advanced concepts is helpful in evaluating yourself. You can choose any course according to your interest and the industry you want to get into. There are different courses curated for different requirements.

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