What are the Basic Steps in Rehabilitation Counseling?

Mental and physical issues are often solved with medical attention and a lot of rehabilitation. People who meet with physical and mental trauma often require a lot of assistance when it comes to recovery. This recovery process requires a good therapist, lots of time and effort, rehabilitation process and plenty of patience.

The rehabilitation process is a difficult program but it is of the utmost importance to those who are in absolute need of it. There are many rehabilitation centers in India that provide these facilities to patients with the best of counsellors who can aid in the healing process for such patients.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the process of recovery and healing from a major traumatic life incident, injury or a life wrecking habit such as drug or alcohol usage. Rehabilitation is a very complicated and sophisticated process and requires medical and pharmacological intervention.

It requires either a medical counsellor or a psychiatric counsellor or in some cases both. Rehabilitation can be useful for both mental ailments and physical ailments such as recovering from a traumatic accident or loss, injury, surgery or some kind of major infection.

But rehabilitation as such refers to mental illness and recovery from life threatening habits such as drug usage, alcohol abuse etc. Mental illnesses majorly cover many kinds of psychiatric conditions such as Anxiety and Depression, Schizophrenia, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, etc.

These conditions are categorised under psychiatric disorders and require treatment and care. With plenty of counselling and psychiatric assistance such as therapy and pharmacological intervention, these mental illnesses can be easily managed if not recovered.

Steps in Seeking Rehabilitation Counselling

Rehabilitation counseling is provided in all rehabilitation centers and is done by expert counsellors who are trained to understand the condition of the patients, offer the best methods to treat and handle them effectively and to help manage the symptoms and triggers in the most efficient manner.

Below are some of the steps which are taken in a basic rehabilitation counseling:

  1. Verifying Patient History

The first step in counselling is always to understand the history of the patient – what is the cause for rehabilitation, the usage history, the history of previous treatments for the patient etc. This information can help the counselor in understanding the patient’s stand and use the most effective counseling technique.

  1. Medical Condition

For patients who have sought rehabilitation due to physical problems such as recovery from accidents and injuries, understanding the medical condition and the treatment course that they are undergoing can help in providing the best effective counseling to the patient. The counselor can discuss this with the consulting physician or doctor and mutually arrive at the best rehabilitation plan.

  1. Diagnosis and Treatment

After a thorough investigation, the counselor can arrive at the right rehabilitation and treatment that can be provided to the patient. This involves medicines, counseling, vocational therapy, behavioral therapy, etc.

These therapies and training can help patients recover faster and in a much more effective manner. For those who are disabled due to a physical or mental condition, vocational training can help them be independent both financially and emotionally since they are able to support themselves.

  1. Follow up

Once the rehabilitation program finishes, the counselor usually stays in touch to analyze the patient’s behaviors and overall progress in the real world. If a patient seems to need help, the counselor can schedule a follow-up session to help them stay on the course of the rehab process.

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