Were You in a Slip and Fall Accident? Understanding Premises Liability and Seeing If You’re Eligible for Damages

Slip-and-falls happen regularly – proof that you have to be careful and not “trip up” when it comes to filing for compensation. Before you contact an insurance company about settling a claim, you should speak to one of the personal injury lawyers near you that handles slip-and-fall lawsuits.

Can You Prove Negligence?

If you suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall incident, which you believe is due to negligence, then you need to discuss your case with a qualified attorney. Whether you tripped over a shoddy step or lost your footing because of a random spill, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

It won’t cost you anything to contact one of the slip and fall accident lawyers in your area. By scheduling a consultation, you can see more how you can increase your compensation to pay for medical bills and the daily costs of living.

Reasons for Slip-and-Falls

A slip-and-fall, sometimes called a trip-and-fall, can happen when a building features steps not built to code or a handrail needs fixing in a stairwell. Property owners may have to pay victims whose injuries originate from the following:

  • Spills of liquids in a public area or workplace
  • Slippery ice-covered or rain-covered walks
  • Sidewalks that need repair
  • Stray electrical cords or cables that lead a victim to trip
  • A broken handrail
  • A poorly lighted hall or walk
  • Unsafe perimeters around a swimming pool
  • Hazards on construction sites

Slip-and-fall incidents that lead to tripping and injury often take place in grocery stores, restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, parks, hospitals, and apartment communities. Victims may also take a tumble on an escalator, in a hotel, or at work.

Premises Liability Claims

Many of these situations lead to premises liability claims – court filings that are directed toward third-party claims associated with work. Therefore, injuries may occur at a business site or on the property of a customer. 

What You Should Do If You Fall

If you do fall because of a slip or trip, you should get medical assistance immediately. Don’t wait to do so, as you might experience an injury several days after your accident. To make sure you can easily receive follow-up care and document the injuries, you must receive medical attention without delay. You can use this information for evidence later in a personal injury claim.

Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

To support a personal injury claim, it also helps to take pictures. Whether you take the photos yourself or you get someone to help you, the images can reveal valuable insights about fault and liability. You might also take a video of the accident site. As they say, a picture can be worth a thousand words, especially when you’re filing a claim.

Gather contact details from Eyewitness

Accounts from eyewitnesses can also support your accident claim. Get the names and contact details of people at the site who witnessed the accident.

Write Down the Events While They’re Fresh on Your Mind

While they are still fresh in your mind, record the events that led up to your mishap. Don’t allow your memories to fade. Detail what you remember and journalize how your injuries are affecting your quality of life or are disrupting your normal routine.

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