Varieties of Black Soot in Car’s Spark Plug

The appearance of black color indicates the presence of ordinary soot on the spark plug, that is, unburned amorphous carbon. It is clearly distinguished by oil products and other organic matter that cannot entirely oxidize. 

A more realistic assessment of the condition is determined by both shades of color and the nature of its distribution over the working element of the spark plugs. The formation of any bands around the outer covering of the insulator placed above the hexagon below the plug wrench is normally not a cause for concern. Although, many car service station in Pune mercilessly reject good plugs for such reasons. At the very least, such a thing is unfounded.  

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  • Continuous deposition of carbon deposits. Usually, it focuses only on the metal parts of the electrodes, lies of the insulator on one side, or has a location in the form of a cone extending into the body’s depth. As if manifesting the source of its appearance in the form of uneven carbon flow or temperature drops with the insulator.
  • External dryness of carbon deposits. Such an occurrence may have a slightly damp look and even a different smell, for example, it smells strongly of fuel. There should be no fuel left in a properly working cylinder. 
  • Oiliness. Spark plugs porous carbon structure is easily impregnable with oil and often forms from it. Moreover, there are always oil vapors in the combustion chamber. However, usually, their amount is very negligible, and they easily burn out. 
  • “Velvet” type of carbon deposits.  Such an occurrence indicates a large-pore structure, that is, rapid formation and increase in volume.
  • The opposite spot is dense, even possible shiny carbon deposits. It accumulates for a long period, is durable, and does not have a radical balck tint. 
  • Blend of black with other colors. For example, red or brown.

Such a nuance indicates various causes of issues. If you are guided by them while diagnosing, then you need to make sure that the compositions are stable and not accidentally appeared a minute ago. To perform such functions, you need to warm up the engine, and it is better to load it with a ten-kilometer of movement at a sufficiently high speed.

The nature of carbon deposits will tell you about the causes of malfunctions.

By looking at the shade of soot on the element’s electrodes, you can clearly determine the type of failure it can lead to. This is often because of incorrect sparking, the composition of the fuel used, or the temperature indicator inside the combustion chamber does not meet the requirements.

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How the Spark Plug Diagnosis is Based on Appearance: Black Carbon

The formation of a dark, opaque coating on the electrodes indicates various problems. Before examining them using the help of car service in Pune, let’s divide the black formations into three various  independent groups according to their structure: 

  1. Oily (wet deposits).
  2. Velvety or loose (dry soot).
  3. Solid.

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