Tips for Treating Osteoarthritis at Home

Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis, and degenerative disease caused due to the joint’s degeneration over time. There is a difference in how every patient experience the disease, but it is usually identified as joint pain and stiffness in some parts of the body, including knees, hips, neck, hands and lower back. Though there is no permanent cure, treatments can alleviate the symptoms.

Whether it is a home remedy or medical treatment, you can ease the pain and stiffness caused by this degenerative disease. Most people buy curcumin supplements, a natural aid to relieve pain. Apart from the medications, patients can make lifestyle changes to reduce the painful effect of the degenerative disease. Likewise, you can utilise some tips specified below to deal with osteoarthritis at home.

Be active

It is hard to exercise when you encounter pain in joints caused by arthritis. However, physical activity is a better way to enhance the quality of life and boost an individual’s energy. When the muscles and bones get stronger, your joints will be flexible. 

You can consider resistance training to build better muscles that protect and supports joints affected by arthritis. One of the best ways to relieve stress on joints is by maintaining a healthy weight, and it would help patients try aerobic workouts. If you encounter more pain, it is not suggested to work out until the pain reduces.

Reduce weight

Being overweight can put a high strain on knees, feet, hips, ankles and spine. Weight loss can be one of the ways to reduce the symptoms. It is challenging for people to lose weight when they have osteoarthritis. Weight loss requires individuals to exercise and maintain a balanced diet. You should take small steps to reach the weight loss goals and reduce the stress in weight-bearing joints.

Take curcumin supplements

Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric, which helps in various ways to deal with osteoarthritis. A few years ago, a study on mice was conducted to test curcumin’s efficiency. It was found that this active compound in turmeric can slow disease progression and alleviate pain associated with osteoarthritis. After this test, clinical studies on humans didn’t receive identical results, and more research is required to confirm the effect.

Arthritis Foundation suggests patients use curcumin extract daily. It is a natural aid, so buy curcumin supplements available in online stores.

Follow a proper diet and sleep schedule.

Many studies reveal that fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids in fish alleviate the pain caused by osteoarthritis. Experts suggest that it is better to concentrate on healthy foods that ensure all the nutrients instead of relying on foods that provide a single nutrient.

Apart from the diet, it is good to have a proper sleep schedule. Sleeping well will help you to handle the pain and stress. It will be better to sleep at the same time every day and reduce distractions like TV, computers or mobile phones before your sleep time. If you have trouble sleeping due to osteoarthritis, pillows can alleviate the pain in joints.

Wrapping up

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition, but you can manage the degenerative disease. Ensure you follow the above tips and make necessary lifestyle changes to prevent this disease from causing further damage to your joints. Lifestyle changes and natural aids like curcumin supplements are the best way to alleviate joint pain.

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