The Best Spinning Bike with Magnetic Brake: Opinions and Buying Guide 2022

“A good brake makes a bad horse good” I heard a lot as a child and then I didn’t understand. Today older, I find this phrase not very accurate by the way, but very applicable to what an indoor cycle bicycle is. Why Simple, because the brake is one of the three most important parts of this equipment, along with the flywheel and the transmission. So a good brake really does make a good bike, and when it comes to good brakes, the mag takes the plaudits. Read some tips about exercise bikes below;

Best Spinning Bikes Magnetic Brake

1 – Sportstech SX600

This bike is the highest quality version of the indoor cycle line of the German brand Sportstech. Its structure measures 170 cm long x 62 cm wide x 151.5 cm high, being one of the most voluminous and heavy that I have tried (66 kg). For short users or women it may be too big.

  • It is super safe and stable even if you work at your maximum. The bad part is that it is very difficult to move and transfer. Important warning: it is shorter than others in terms of saddle-pedal distance, so it may be short for very tall users.
  • Another thing I like about this bike is that it offers one of the heaviest flywheels at 26kg, which gives it more strength and a road bike feel.
  • The resistance is by magnetic brake offering a variety of adjustments of 32 levels, one of the widest. You can choose the resistance through twelve preset and custom programs.
  • The interactivity of this bike is a great success in my opinion. Not only does it offer a Bluetooth connection with applications, but it also has a USB that allows you to work very well with music, something essential to accompany movements and increase power.


  • With one of the heaviest flywheels in its range, this bike is positioned on the podium of the mid-range. With a transmission through six ribbed Poly V belts with Kevlar fibers and an electromagnetic resistance of 32 levels, it is a very versatile piece of equipment that could be considered almost “professional” in terms of inertia.
  • In terms of structure, it carries the Body tone’s own ergonomic design but in a smaller and lighter structure than professional models. Although it resists a high maximum load, it falls short in distances for users of more than 1.80 m.
  • The console allows you to measure basic variables, select from twelve predetermined programs and other customizable options.
  • The saddle and handlebar allow for ample adjustment, although the handlebar only moves vertically. The pedals are mixed, maximizing the possibilities of use.

3 – BODYTONE Smart Bike

The Smart Bike model of the Bodytone brand is a semi-professional indoor bike with very good features and excellent quality with best magnetic indoor cycling bike reviews and comparison.

  • It is a smart bike that allows a connection via Bluetooth with your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is also possible to connect and send training data to virtual platforms such as Bkool, Zwift, Kinomap or MyBodytone. It comes equipped with a 71 mm x 66 mm LCD screen where you can monitor pedaling data such as speed, time, cadence, RPM (revolutions per minute), etc.
  • Among its most outstanding features we find the Kevlar Poly V belt transmission system. This material, in addition to being extremely resistant and maintenance free, gives the bicycle a fluid and realistic pedaling. 
  • It has a 24 Kg flywheel that allows high intensity training suitable for both beginners and advanced users. It also has a magnetic brake and adjustable resistance in 32 levels and twelve training programs. 
  • It offers a maximum height from the saddle to the pedal of 110 cm being a highly suitable distance for people up to 1.85 m tall. In addition, the maximum user weight that it supports is 150 Kg. 
  • This bike comes equipped with SPD hybrid pedals that allow it to be used with cycling shoes with cleats or with regular running shoes. It also has a comfortable ergonomic and anti-prostatic gel-filled saddle. 
  • The features that people who bought this bike valued the most are the “smart” connectivity and the smooth and silent operation.


  • Within the same range of indoor bikes we find the Salter brand K3 model. It is a very good option because it is a bicycle that supports high-intensity routines and training and offers very good quality materials and performance.
  • It comes equipped with a 20kg weighted flywheel that is suitable for most workouts, but can be light if you want to push yourself and train with high intensity programs.
  • It has a user weight resistance of 130 kg and allows suitable use for people up to 1.95 m tall, a really very good value for bicycles in this range.
  • It has a manually adjustable magnetic brake system and a belt drive system that allows smooth and stable pedaling. Being the manual regulation, it does not offer pre-established training programs.
  • This indoor bike does not offer Bluetooth connectivity to link it with your smartphone or tablet. A point really against it, since the possibilities and diversity of training offered by virtual platforms are highly valued by users. 

Many users see as something negative that the LCD screen is optional and you have to pay extra for it. Considering the range of this bike it plays like a drawback. Optional display offers basic training data such as speed, distance, time, RPM, odometer, heart rate.

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