The advantages of becoming a nurse practitioner in the U.S.

Helping those in need is a driving force for many people who pursue healthcare careers around the world. It is a common motivation for nurse practitioners, a highly desirable and skilled profession that bridges the gap between nurses and doctors, alleviating pressure on other roles in the system while providing excellent care for patients. Many see this career as a vocation, seeking to give back and help others in their time of need. 

What are the advantages of being a nursing practitioner?

There are many pros and cons to becoming a nurse practitioner, and although it can be challenging work, it has a great array of advantages that make it a desirable career throughout the nation. 

Here is a look at the benefits of becoming a nurse practitioner.

A purposeful and rewarding career

Pursuing any medical career will have its ups and downs, but a major reason so many people train as nursing practitioners and thrive in their roles is because it is so rewarding. Having a strong, purpose-driven job helps us be happier, more content, and more satisfied with our lives overall. 

Autonomy and variety at work 

More highly qualified than a nurse, NPs can perform more advanced procedures and have more responsibilities. They can diagnose, treat and follow up with patients without the permission of a doctor. The list of tasks they can perform is extensive, so no two hours on the job are the same. 

Financial freedom and job security 

Nurse practitioners are in high demand because their unique and advanced skills can alleviate the pressures on other roles in the healthcare system. This results in high salaries, great overtime pay, excellent extra benefits, and job security for a long and interesting career.  


Depending on the state in which you reside and work, you may be able to operate as a private practitioner in your own business, affording you flexibility and opportunities not seen in hospital settings. You can set your own schedules, services, and rates. 

Flexible study options 

With the boom of remote study options developing in the past few years, especially since the pandemic, many online programs have grown in popularity as they offer flexible study that fits around your life. For those who are already working as a nurse, taking time out to study full-time may not be feasible. A part-time course specifically aimed at working nurses, like the MSN-AGPCNP online degree provided by the University of Indianapolis, is a great option for those in this position. 

Career progression and specialization 

There is a long list of specialties you can go into once you are qualified and have clinical experience. This can be extremely rewarding as you can help those in an area that really interests and excites you. For a comprehensive list of specialties, check out the American Association Of Nurse Practitioners website for inspiration. Whether you are looking at oncology or pediatrics, there is a specialty that will fit your interests. Sub-specialties can hone your knowledge and skills even more. 

Make a difference and help others 

A big draw for any healthcare professional is the chance to give back to those in need. A nurse practitioner works closely with patients at all stages of their healthcare journey and can really make a big difference to patients who are experiencing a difficult time. By approaching the issue with a holistic mindset, nurse practitioners can look at the bigger picture to choose the right course of action for the individual. 

Continue to learn and lead 

Education doesn’t stop once you are qualified as a nurse practitioner. Every day, you will encounter new people, experience new scenarios, and solve new problems. As you learn, you can help others learn from your experience, skills, and knowledge. If you are a great “people person” and love to lead, you can help those qualifying after you to evolve their skills or choose a specialty. 

Pursuing a career in any healthcare position can take some time, but the journey and destination can be very rewarding, with many benefits you don’t see in other, more corporate roles and companies. Becoming a nurse practitioner in the United States opens many doors for further career progression, where you can focus on your area of interest and specialize to help people every day at life-changing moments. 

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