Testicular pain

Testes are small sacks that hang outside of the male body, near the groin. These organs play a crucial role in male reproductive health.

Testicular pain can afflict men of any age. It may occur either or both testes. The nature of pain is also subjective; it may be acute or chronic, depending on the underlying cause. 

Moreover, the pain may be originating from the testes, or it may be coming from any other part of the body, and emanating to the testes, in a case of referred pain. 

The pain may also be a result of any injury to the region. Whatever the cause may be, the pain felt is mostly rather severe, due to the presence of sensitive nerves on the testicles, meriting an urgent visit to the Urologist in Karachi then. 

Causes of testicular pain 

Following are some of the reasons for getting pain in the testes:

Aftermath of vasectomy 

Men can observe pain in their testes after having vasectomy done. This condition is known as post-vasectomy pain syndrome and occurs due to heightened pressure in the vas Deferens or epididymis. 


Epididymis are the coiled tubes that perform the job of carrying sperms from the testes to the sperm duct. Epididymitis is a condition that results when these tubes become inflamed, that then causes swelling, burning like sensation and pain the testes. The inflammation also causes the scrotum to become hot to touch. 

Whereas acute inflammation clears in few days, chronic cases may take more than 6 weeks to get better. 


In this condition, blood accumulates in and surrounds the testicle, which then leads to pain therein. Most often, this condition results due to injury to the region. 

Kidney Stones

While the testes are not directly related to the renal system, but the penis is. Since kidney stones can travel to the ureters and get stuck therein, the resultant pain may emanate to the testes as well. 


This condition results due to viral or bacterial infection in the region, which then leads to inflammation of the testes. It is commonly observed when one gets affected by the mumps virus. 


These are fluid filled cavities that form inside of the epididymis. While initially they do not have much impact in terms of pain and discomfort but it is when they increase in size that they cause both these conditions then. 

Testicular cancer 

Another alarming cause of testicular pain is testicular cancer. It may lead to dull pain in the region, alongside swelling of the testes, pain in the scrotum and the abdomen. 

Testicular torsion 

In this condition, the blood vessels to the scrotum become twisted. This then cuts off the blood supply to the testes, which then leads to sharp pain in the testes. 


The pain can be due to an accident or injury to the region. A common culprit are sports injuries. At times, one may also sustain trauma during exercise. 


Varicoceles refer to a group of blood vessels that are larger than usual blood vessels to the scrotum. These then lead to discomfort and pain and aggravate during lying down. 

Treating testicular pain 

The exact treatment plan depends on the cause of the testicular pain. The doctor may take down your medical history and query about the nature of pain; its severity, how long you have been experiencing it etc. 

Your doctor may do your exam when you are standing and lying down, since problems like varicocele present different levels of pain in a different position. 

To ascertain whether the problem is cancer or not, your doctor may also prescribe radiology tests, and it is possible to establish the presence of cancer only when they have an image of the region. For determining an infection, your doctor may also prescribe blood or urine tests.

Therefore, to have a quick diagnosis and treatment, it is pertinent that you visit the best urologist in Islamabad

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