Sports Betting Explained – These bets are possible on sports

Sports betting explained: All facts at a glance

Combination bet, 2-way bet, or over/under – there are countless types of bets in sports betting. Each has its own characteristics and advantages. You definitely need to know your way around in order not to end up on the losing side when betting. The latter can happen quickly if, for example, you are not aware that combination bets bring high odds – but the risk should not be underestimated. Here we have explained all the different possible sports bets.

A distinction can be made between types of bets in standard bets and special bets. The latter is the already mentioned Over/Under or Both 2 Score. A combination of live bets falls into the segment of standard bets. Why do you have to be very knowledgeable about this? Quite simply: only with the right know-how will you become a winner.

Types of bets: Facts at a glance

  • 2-way bets than 3-way bets Main bet types
  • Flexible strategy thanks to special bets
  • Combination bets open up high odds
  • In-play betting creates a lot of excitement

2-Way Betting & 3-Way Sports Betting Explained

Bets can be reduced to these two types of bets in many sports. 2-way bets are constructed in such a way that only two events are possible at a time. That means you always have a 50 percent chance of being right. The 2-way bet thus corresponds to the classic coin flip (tossing a coin). Two-way bets can be found in sports such as tennis or ice hockey as the main bet. There can only ever be one winner/loser.

  • Standard bets: single, system, live, and combination bets
  • Standard bets can be broken down into four areas.

With a single bet, you always place only one bet per betting slip. This variant is one of the typical types of bets in horse racing. There is a high probability that there will be a 2-way or 3-way bet on your lottery ticket. Incidentally, individual bets can not only be placed on 먹튀검증 sports with many bookmakers. Special bets on political events such as elections or royal offspring are also part of their repertoire.

Live bets offer a lot of excitement, as the odds can change quickly during the game. In-play bets (as live bets are also called) are interesting to secure pre-play bets – such as a favorite/underdog bet.

With combination bets, you have the chance to realize very high odds. The odds increase with every bet you place on the ticket. It must be clear at this point, however, that just one wrong tip is enough – and your ticket is worthless. The more bets you combine, the faster this situation can happen. The system bet seems confusing at first but has an advantage over the combination bet. Not every one of the different betting combinations has to be won. In the end, this means that you have a free shot with this type of bet.

Which of the mentioned types of bets Tipico, Bet365 and all other bookmakers offer is of course always a matter of individual business policy in the end. However, there is actually no sports betting provider where the standard bets are missing.

Special bets: From win bets to handicap sports bets explained

Both the main and standard bet types are actually very easy to understand. Bookmakers have come up with new types of bets over the years. This gives you the opportunity to react very flexibly to the strengths and weaknesses of a team.

But: Each of the special bets has its advantages – but also one or the other pitfall. Just knowing when a bet is unlikely to work has to be right.

Outright bet: Outright bets are one of the types of bets popular with beginners. Especially when a seemingly unbeatable favorite competes, the result is clear, isn’t it? A win bet can backfire very quickly. It must be considered whether a low rate can outweigh this risk. In football, the win bet (except in tournaments with a KO round) is a 3-way bet. In many other sports – like tennis – it is a 2-way bet.

Outcome/outcome bet: With an outcome bet, you commit yourself to a specific outcome. In football, for example, means that you bet on 1-0 for team A. Of course you can guess where. However, gut feeling is rarely enough to type correctly. Score bets require a very good knowledge of the players on the pitch. The resulting bet can therefore quickly become frustrating, especially for beginners.

Over/Under: Also known as an over/under bet, this involves predicting the number of goals. For a team with a very strong offensive, if you assume that the opponent has nothing to oppose, then Over 2.5 would be interesting. At least three goals must be scored to win the bet. In return, Under 2.5 would be won if there were a maximum of two hits. The advantage of this type of bet is that you don’t care who scores the goals.

Both to Score: The B2S bet (also known as Both must score) is a classic goal and 2-way bet, just like Over/Under. It’s about whether both teams score or not. As soon as the score is 1:1, you win with your lottery ticket. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 1:3 or 5:4 at the end. What must not happen with a B2S bet – a result with a 0 on the display.

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