Six Instagram tips for Wannabe YouTubers

You’ve created a YouTube channel that is filled with high-quality videos to either entertain or inform an enthusiastic audience. You are confident about your editing and video production techniques, and your videos are accompanied by sharp images and clear sound, along with solid content.

Unfortunately, you’re struggling to acquire views, likes, and subscribers because you don’t have an online presence on social media.

Nowadays, you must promote cross-linked content across various social media platforms. Cross-promoting lets you increase your reach and draw your ideal viewers. People like following their most loved YouTubers by following their social media accounts; this is how many YouTubers grow and keep their fans.

If the idea of creating accounts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is a daunting task, The best thing to do is to begin by focusing on Instagram. Instagram is a massive and attractive platform that the best YouTubers benefit from. It’s an essential social media platform for YouTubers because 95 percent of users on Instagram across the United States use YouTube.

Be aware that it can take some time and a lot of work to build a community of followers for your Instagram and dedicated subscribers for the YouTube channel. If you’re willing to invest the time, here are some suggestions and suggestions to build an attractive Instagram profile that will advertise your YouTube channel and create a brand image.

1. Improve Your Profile

Before you begin posting videos and images on your Instagram account, you’ll have to ensure that your profile is fully optimized. Optimization is vital, not just helping users find your account and get people to follow your account.

Here’s the information you need to be aware of while optimizing your profile

YouTube Channel. Your username should be the same across all platforms so that your viewers can quickly locate your profile.

Create an account for a Corporate Account. This allows you to look at the information on your Instagram to determine the posts that have the highest engagement and your target audience demographics, on what days and times your followers are active, and so on. You can also make different paid advertisements (i.e., boost views and likes for your account) to bring more visitors to your site.

Create a profile photo that represents what your channel’s concerning about. If you have fun vlogs, choose an exciting and unique image of yourself. For tracks that are more of a severe and academic side, select a picture that matches yours.

Your bio should be completed fully. Be short in your description but make sure people understand what you’re about when they visit your profile. Make sure you use appropriate hashtags and emojis within your bio since they can enhance your profile.

Include an URL to your latest YouTube video within your bio. Since you cannot insert clickable links into every post, it’s essential to have a reliable hyperlink to your bio. Most YouTubers frequently change their links every when they upload a new video. So that when you post an image or a video preview of your new video, you can direct viewers to view the complete video by telling them “Link in bio.” It is also possible to have a single link to multiple choices. If you’d like to drive users to other social media accounts, you can also get free Instagram likes with Mr. Insta. 

Make sure you include your email address. This is especially crucial if you’re willing to accept business or brand deals or simply want to give your customers another avenue to reach you.

2. Create a Creative Way to Promote Your Videos

Once you’ve put your interchangeable link to the video in your bio, you can begin to share creative posts to draw in more viewers. You can accomplish this by using a variety of methods:

Upload a thumbnail of the video. This should be an eye-catching and high-quality image, which includes the title of your video or a brief phrase from the video.

Create a quick review of your film. This preview can vary between 15 seconds and a minute and must be a unique or intriguing element from your clip.

Upload a behind-the-scenes image or video of the shooting. A behind-the-scenes look is beneficial for on-location shootings or videos with special guests.

Upload an image of you or something relevant to the subject of your video. Relevancy is, of course, the most critical aspect of the image, and it must be compelling enough to grab people’s attention.

Upload a gif that recaps the clip or a preview of the behind-the-scenes. Gifs will be considered short videos on Instagram, but the advantage is that you will get many views quickly, giving the impression that many users like their content. This can encourage a new user to check out your profile or go to the next step and watch videos on YouTube.

In all of these ways, it is essential to include a captivating description within your post that explains the content of your video. Also, as we stated earlier, finish with a call-to-action that prompts viewers to click the hyperlink in your bio to view your video online on YouTube.

Hashtags can be beneficial and are essential for every post. Instagram lets you utilize a maximum of thirty hashtags. However, this doesn’t mean you need to use the same number of hashtags. In reality, 91% of significant brands and businesses posts have seven or fewer hashtags.

You can narrow your hashtags using more specific individual hashtags instead of a vast array of general ones. For instance, if, for example, you run vlogs that are centered around hair and makeup products, you can use #beautyvlogger instead #vlogger. This will allow people interested in locating you more efficiently and enable you to compete with the smaller number of users.

Furthermore, do some studies to find the most effective hashtags you can use in your posts. Please keep track of the hashtags your rivals and most popular YouTubers are using and follow their example. Continuously experiment with different hashtags to determine which ones will work best for your business. Testing and error are the keys to compelling posts, along with research.

Do not forget to make a unique hashtag to make use of. This will allow you to keep a digital gallery at your fingertips for everyone to view. Your audience will also be able to join in and help support your brand using your hashtag. This is particularly useful for giveaways, contests, and live events requiring interaction between you and your followers. Your personal branded hashtags will allow this to be easily managed.

3. Make Your Creative Work a reality with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a vast and well-loved feature on Instagram that should not be ignored. More than three-quarters of Instagram users use Stories every day. There exist around 300 million daily active users of Stories.

There are a lot of creative ideas you can create with Instagram Stories. Instagram Story. Here are some suggestions that numerous YouTubers are currently working on:

Previews of your most recent videos. This is necessary for YouTubers since you can also add an external link to your Instagram Story. Viewers can swipe it up and be taken to the video’s full version on YouTube.

Create a Q&A. Utilize the Q&A sticker feature that Instagram Stories provides to engage with your followers. Choose a subject that people can ask questions about and answer the most questions you can. You may also ask questions to your audience and then share your best responses.

Updates and announcements to share. Keep your audience informed by posting information on upcoming videos or other projects. This may entice new followers.

Create polls. With Instagram Stories, you can design an online survey with two options of answers. Polls like these can assist you in getting feedback from your followers on the content they’d like to view, get their opinion on the most popular topics, and gather general information regarding your followers.

In Instagram Stories, you can choose various fonts, include hashtags or stickers, and tag your friends. Create a visually appealing Story but be careful not to hoverboard to ensure that you’re expressing your image.

4. Join Instagram Live

Instagram Live is another excellent method to engage and interact with followers and receive instant comments. There is a myriad of possibilities in the realm of Instagram Live, so it’s crucial to plan your strategy before time, particularly in case you’ve never done it before.

Here are some of the things to be included when planning your project:

Select the subject matter or purpose for the live streaming. Because it’s live, there’s the possibility of making mistakes; therefore, it is essential to select a topic you feel confident about. You might want to lead a conversation on the subject relevant to your brand or discuss your upcoming videos. A Q&A discussion also works very well with Instagram Live. Live interactions are a great way to establish a strong relationship with your followers.

Make sure to promote your video before when it begins. Make sure you inform your viewers know precisely the time you’ll be live so that they can be tuned in. Discuss it on your Stories and create an Instagram post to promote it. Make sure you describe the topic you’ll be discussing to allow them to prepare questions for you.

Do a test run to check on video quality. Check that your phone’s audio and video functions are in good order before going live. Unexpected technical issues could result in delays when you go live and leave your viewers waiting and in a state of confusion about what you’re doing. If you can get this resolved before the event, it will enable you to stream your live with ease.

If your followers like the Instagram Live sessions, consider creating a schedule of regular sessions for them. So,they’ll continue checking in every day, and you’ll also be able to gain more followers or viewers.

  1. Utilize IGTV

If you are a YouTuber, you should look at the IGTV feature available on Instagram. You can upload videos between 15 or more seconds long to up to 10 hours. Although you’re already uploading your primary YouTube videos YouTube, IGTV is another method to bring new fans and viewers to the YouTube channel.

Determine how often you’d like to upload videos to IGTV and choose the kind of videos you’d like to put on there. Some suggestions to get started include:

Create unique content. Share behind-the-scenes videos or other bonus content which haven’t been posted onto the YouTube channel. This gives Instagram viewers a unique glimpse at the kind of content you create.

You can refresh and reuse YouTube content. Reusing content of the YouTube channel and then putting it on IGTV will prolong its shelf life and give it the chance to be seen by new viewers who may not have heard of you.

Answer questions asked by your followers. Sure, that you can answer questions on Instagram Stories, you can provide quick and concise Q&A sessions, But on IGTV, you can provide more detailed responses. You can let your followers ask questions about your Story and remind them to visit for your IGTV later.

You can advertise the content of your IGTV videos by posting a preview of your Story. If the viewers like the content they view, they will be directed to the complete IGTV video with a single click. While browsing the IGTV page, they will be presented with content that matches their desires. Keep in mind that this is an excellent instrument to help bring new users to your Instagram profile and the YouTube channel.

6. Keep Engaged

Engagement should be a primary goal if you’re looking to increase and keep your following. People love to interact with their favorite YouTubers and brands as they feel more connected. It’s crucial to show gratitude for loyal and committed followers to ensure they keep following your channel.

On Instagram, there are several ways to interact in conversation with followers:

Respond to comments. Always keep track of the words you get from your posts and ensure that you like and respond to as many comments as possible.

Make shout-outs available to loyal followers. Think about making an annual announcement on your Story to thank a devoted fan who consistently engages with you or comments on posts. Make sure you include them in your shout-out when you do this.

Re-share fan images. If your followers post pictures of their fan art or even shout at you in a post, be sure to add them to your story or profile and express your gratitude for the fans you follow.

To become YouTube successful, you have to persevere and be motivated to be a hard worker. Most of these suggestions require experimentation and a trial-and-error approach. Do not expect to work out on the first attempt.

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