Single Mattress: Know Different Mattress Dimensions and Sizes Available in India

Good-quality mattresses are every household’s need. Lately, single mattresses are being widely preferred, but, often the sizes, dimensions, and types of mattresses tend to confuse people. 

Further, as not everyone bears knowledge of mattresses, it becomes critical to identify the right size and the dimension of single mattresses. Worry no more! Read this article till the end to know the different sizes and dimensions of single mattresses available in India.

  • Full-Size Mattress 

You can consider buying a full-size single mattress. Though there can be different sizes in this as well, the base size is 72” X 36”. Further, there are also sizes available of 72” X 30”, 72” X 36”, 75” X 30”, 75” X 36”, 78” X 30”, 78” X 36” with heights of around 6 cm, 8 cm, and 10 cm!

Before buying the right size of a single mattress, it is important you get to know the size of your bed beforehand. So, before exploring the size of mattresses online, measure your bed’s size, and dimensions carefully!

  • King-size mattresses

King size mattresses are ideal for a 12X12 bedroom. The standard size for king-size mattresses is 76”X 80”. These mattresses are ideal for families having 1 or 2 kids, or pets along with them to sleep. Providing extra space, these single mattresses can ensure you sleep freely, and comfortably with your family. 

  • Queen size mattress

Available in size of 60” X 80”, 60”X 75”, and a few more, these provide comfortable sleep for individuals to sleep freely, and comfortably. Further, these are reliable and durable for singles of all lifestyles. 

These are standard single mattress sizes available in India. But, one can also find other different sizes, and dimensions of mattresses. So, get ready, and buy a mattress of the right size for your bed. 

Wait! Do you know the right height and size of your bed? Here are the few tips to measure the size of your bed precisely-

  • Size of your bed frame 

You must have observed that your bed has a frame. This can be sometimes of shorter width or can take a few inches. But, comprehend the fact that this would not be included in the single mattress size, and therefore should not be measured for mattress buying. So, always consider the size of the mattress for your bed excluding the bed frame! 

  • Keep measuring tape ready

To measure the mattress size, and dimension precisely, keep the right measuring tape ready. It is often advised to keep the tape which can measure in inches because you would probably find a single mattress size online in inches. So, to mitigate any confusion in the later stages of buying, keep the bed size in inches ready with you! 

  • Know the measuring units

This is an important tip. Keep the size of your mattress ready in inches, centimeters and feet, otherwise you may get confused and end up buying an inappropriate size, which won’t be of any use for you.  

Buy your single mattress online now! 

Now as you must be familiar with what all sizes of single mattresses are available and what size you require, its time to take the action of buying a single mattress online. 

For this, you can explore a plethora of brands. Right from authentic brands such as Duroflex to other customizable mattress rangers, you can find a wide variety online. 

But, if you want to buy a reliable and durable mattress with quality assurance, it is suggested to buy it from reputable brands like Duroflex. It has a range of mattresses in numerous sizes and dimensions. So, no matter what size and type you need, Duroflex can serve you with the best-in-class quality, and service. Visit its online store now! 

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