Saudi Arabia jobs for foreigners

The fame of wealth and high wages spread far beyond Asia.  Jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners is a great opportunity not only to earn money, but to admire the local nature. The population of Saudi Arabia is almost 30 million people. And more than 70 percent of the population are foreigners, so it’s no wonder why so many foreigners come here. Saudi Arabia is known to have become rich due to oil deposits in the country. And actively uses this resource to meet the needs of both locals and foreigners. However, in order to coexist peacefully with the Saudis, foreigners should follow strict rules and traditions. For example, you should not enter someone’s house wearing shoes, wear too open clothes (both for women and men) and it is also forbidden to drink alcohol in public places. The state, in turn, is trying to seduce as many foreigners as possible by increasing wages. After all, the average salary in Saudi Arabia is over $ 1,000 a month. Such a salary motivates foreigners to go to work in Saudi Arabia.

How to look for work for foreigners in Saudi Arabia

When looking for work, foreigners should keep in mind that in Saudi Arabia, unskilled workers are mostly local workers. Foreigners, for example, in the office are required to have the appropriate qualifications and higher education and knowledge of English. As in most countries, foreign workers must find an employer to act as a sponsor and enter into an employment contract (contract) with them. The employer helps with visas, housing, medical examinations, etc. By the way, in order to obtain a visa, it is necessary not only to undergo a comprehensive medical examination, but also to provide a special document confirming the qualifications of the foreign worker, his no criminal record, etc. In addition, the visa is established for a certain period, which must be clarified in advance with the employer. And you can leave the borders of Saudi Arabia only with the consent of the company or other employer. Even the visa is in some cases kept by the employer. It is recommended to look for a job through special employment agencies Procter & Gamble. With the help of such companies, specialists are recruited for specific professions that are in demand. Most often, the employee is charged a fee for intermediary services in the amount of 10-20% of annual salary. In addition, Saudi Arabia is home to many well-known global companies that can also employ foreigners: Nestlé and Siemens.

Salaries in Saudi Arabia

The average salary, as mentioned above, is $ 1,000 per month. But it should be noted that foreign workers often receive lower wages than their local counterparts. If we consider purely by profession, for example, a waiter in Saudi Arabia can count on a salary of $ 800 per month, a guide – up to $ 1,200 per month, a farmer – up to $ 1,000, a teacher – $ 1,500, a builder – up to $ 4,000, an oil builder – up to $ 5,000 dollars

What works are popular among foreigners

There are many benefits to finding a job in Saudi Arabia. For example, the absence of income tax, democratic prices, medical care, other social benefits, etc.

All this encourages foreign workers to go to work in this sunny country.

Such professions are popular among foreign workers

  •       builder
  •       doctor
  •       programmer
  •       teachers
  •       teachers in private schools.

The most popular professions in Saudi Arabia are bankers, financiers, fitness trainers and office workers.

Men usually work in the medical field or as programmers. Women work as cosmetologists, fitness trainers or psychologists.

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