Martinis, Steaks, and Cakes: 9 Unique Coffee Recipes To Try Today

Coffee makes the world go round, or maybe it just helps you start the day. From bold dark roasts to citrusy morning blends, coffee has an appeal that people love. The flavor can be incorporated into more than just your morning cup of joe. If you want to savor the flavor all throughout your day, there are some truly unique recipes to try.

1. Frothy Martinis

Vodka is one of the most versatile liquors there is. It is light, smooth, and clean. When you pair it with coffee, you’re in for a treat. An espresso martini combines vodka, Kahlua, espresso, and fresh coffee beans. It can be a nightcap, dessert, and pick-me-up all wrapped into one.

2. Succulent Roasts

Contrasting flavors can come together to create something amazing. Have you ever thought of dry rubbing a roast with coffee? If not, think again. Get a little adventurous with your crockpot or instant pot, and try combining ingredients like coffee, ginger, paprika, and cocoa. You could be six hours away from tasting your new favorite recipe.

3. Healthy Kombucha

The kombucha you may know and love is usually made from fermented tea. Since there is often a divide between tea and coffee drinkers, a new variety of kombucha was formed. Freshly brewed java, sugar, and a starter culture can help you ferment your own drink. Kombucha coffee is nearly caffeine-free, packed with probiotics, and has less fluoride than when fermented with tea.

4. Pumped Up Protein

Coffee isn’t the best thing to drink before hitting the gym, but it can become part of your post-workout routine. If you’re growing tired of the same old protein shakes, try mixing peanut butter, frozen bananas, and concentrated cold brew. The shake itself will have 15 grams of protein, and you can give it an extra boost by adding in a scoop of your favorite protein powder.

5. Tangy Beans

Don’t let your breakfast leftovers go to waste. Extra bacon and brewed coffee can be incorporated into the side dish of your next meal. When mixed with the sweet flavor of brown sugar and the tart taste of vinegar, you end up with a tangy side of baked beans.

6. Rich Cake

Chocolate and java are a match made in heaven. A delightfully rich mocha cake might entice you to have dessert for breakfast. The best part is that it’s created with a simple substitution. Start with your favorite box of chocolate cake mix. Then, you trade the water for brewed coffee and bake as directed. 

7. Fluffy Frosting

You can keep the trend of easy additions going to frost your mocha cake. If you don’t feel like starting your chocolate frosting from scratch, you’re in luck. Put away the messy powdered sugar, and purchase a container of frosting from the store. For the best results, make a hole in the center of the frosting, pour in strong coffee, and stir well.

8. Creamy Punch

You don’t have to eat your dessert when you can drink it. Use milk as the base for the creamy, dreamy delight known as Chilean monkey tail punch. You’ll get holiday vibes once you add cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and, of course, coffee. For those 21 and up, finish it off with brandy or pisco.

9. Flavorful Steak

The next time you plan to grill a steak, you can put away the generic seasoning. Finely ground coffee, coarse salt, pepper, and garlic are all it will take to make your own dry rub.

From your morning cup of joe to dinner and dessert to a nightcap, you can enjoy coffee’s flavor all day long. Select a recipe or two to try today.

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