Looking For The Best Deals For Universal Studios Tickets? Try This Retailer

Have you ever been to Universal Studios? If not, it makes for a fantastic vacation full of memories that will be with you forever.

You can enjoy great rides, unbelievable sites, and have a day you won’t forget. The only question you need to worry about is where to get the tickets for the best price.

Thankfully, we have every one of the tips you need. When looking for the best online savings guide, check out Costco Universal Studios tickets.

What Type Of Tickets Do They Offer?

Costco offers anyone who wants to experience this park for themselves a unique opportunity. You can get a three-day pass that will ensure that you see everything the park has to offer. Universal Studios Hollywood is one park, and Universal Studios Florida is two because they have the added Harry Potter World. What you will need to do is head to Costco’s travel area. It should be located next to the gift cards as they tend to put the theme park tickets in the same place.

The stand will not have actual tickets. It will be a slip that you need to take to the register. When you go to the counter, they will bring the tickets to you after you have paid. Depending on where you and your loved ones reside, you may be offered one park or the other. You must make sure that you specify what you want.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the store itself, which is understandable with the pandemic still happening, you can find the same deals online, and it isn’t hard to do. As a Costco member, log in to You will need to go to the submenu that says theme parks and specialty when you have done this. Hover the mouse over it. A drop-down menu will immediately pop up, and you will see Universal Studios Orlando. Click the area that says click for deals, and you will see what offers they currently have. You should see the tickets you want to pop up immediately.

How Does The Ticket Benefit Me?

The three-day ticket is unique because you don’t have to use the three-day tickets consecutively. That means you can choose different days to visit the park. Costco Universal Studios tickets are outstanding because they are more innovative. After all, you get three valid visits for one year from the first date that you visit. You have advanced registration that is required for each visit as well. If you would like a more accessible vacation and future endeavors, you can set up multiple visits at one time.

These tickets are an excellent option as they give you more freedom than other tickets that you can get in other areas. The only thing you need to make sure that you have done is to remember to pre-register your dates before you arrive at the park. The ticket will cost you approximately two hundred and eighty dollars if you buy it at the park. However, Costco Universal Studios tickets are one hundred and forty. That is over one hundred dollars in savings on just one ticket!

The Best Time To Get Costco Universal Studios Tickets

When you want to get your Costco Universal Studios tickets, you should know the best time of year to get them. The best months here are January and February. There are a few other times that you will experience a better deal, but you will want to avoid Harry Potter weekend if you want to avoid crowds and higher ticket prices. Other than these periods include September. Summer is over, people have gone back to work or school, and it is a great month to go with few crowds and a better price. While Halloween is one of the most unforgettable nights they offer, it is trendy so that groups will be everywhere.

Places To Avoid Getting Tickets

While Costco is a suitable and honorable place to get your tickets, many sites claim to have permission from the park to sell their tickets, and they don’t. The most common examples of these pretenders are the following.

  • Craigslist
  • Classified ads
  • Stands with people from roadside areas
  • Tickets from family and friends that have been only partially used

eBay is an area that sells many different things. You will see everything from concert tickets, movie options, concerts and backstage passes, and more. The only thing wrong with this is that it is illegal. They don’t have permission to sell these things here, and buying them from this site can get you into trouble because you are not supposed to be purchasing them. In addition to this, it is straightforward to scam someone and say that there are five days on the ticket, and you find out that there is zero. Then you need to file a complaint with eBay, which can take ages.

Another issue with purchasing tickets like this is that splitting and sharing tickets is not allowed, and they will not let you into the parks if you have done this. The people at the parks are used to this behavior and will catch you when this happens. You should keep in mind an additional tip: you should not exchange cash for these tickets because the methods are not allowed, and you will lose your money. You should also know that Universal Studios is not responsible for your money or false tickets if you have a terrible transaction by one of these methods.

Can You Upgrade Your Ticket?

Costco Universal Studios tickets can be upgraded the same as if you had bought the ticket from the park. The Express Pass can be added to your ticket no matter how you purchased it. You can also add additional days or upgrade your ticket to a seasonal pass which offers significant savings in that respect as well. These options make your vacation more memorable. The Express pass comes in especially handy if you don’t want to wait in long lines.

Is There A Catch?

Not per se. While they can offer great discounts on tickets, the only catch is that you need to buy a vacation along with the ticket. However, that works out better in many cases because you get everything done in one area, and you save more overall this way as well. Having the agent at Costco to talk to will also help you see the additional benefits of booking this way, including better transportation. On certain occasions, you will find that Costco can offer dining packages at a discount so that you can save additional money in the park.

How To Save Money In The Park Itself

When you buy your Costco Universal Studios tickets, you may wonder if there are ways to save while you are in the park itself. Thankfully, there are! You can bring a maximum of two liters of water with you into the park. You don’t have to purchase drinks if you have a reusable water bottle. You will also find water fountains throughout the park to fill them up, so you don’t have to buy something when you don’t want to. The coke machines can also give you free ice for your bottles.

If you don’t want to have to carry a water bottle with you all day, go to one of the quick-service restaurants for a cup of water. This will be free, and you won’t have to carry anything if you don’t want to. However, this can get tedious as you’ll have to seek out the restaurants when you want to do other things. While many restaurants are inside the parks, you will find them spread out. If a medical condition is present, it is advised that you bring water with you, just in case.

If you have a family that likes soda, it is recommended that you get the refillable mug. It will cost you around twenty-two dollars, which is a substantial amount of money. However, if you want to fill it up throughout your trip, you save about twice or more on a three-day trip. For example, if you have four children with you, and they share it, draining the cup efficiently after lunch, snacks, or dinner, you could be filling it twice a day. After three days, that is six refills. That will cost more than your investment, and you will have a nice souvenir for your family.

Costco Universal Studios Tickets Will Save You A Great Deal

To give your family a nice vacation, obtain Costco Universal Studios tickets. They will save you a significant amount of money and allow you to stay longer at the park. With the tips that we have illustrated above, you can see that the process of buying Costco Universal Studios tickets is relatively straightforward. Remember, buy them in advance, and register them before you get to the parks. That will make things more accessible at the gate and save you time.

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