Is IOQS Safer Than Traditional Form Of Smoking Tobacco and Nicotine?

IOQS is the latest tobacco product introduced on the market by smoking giant Philips Morris and Altria that uses the so-called “heat sticks” for heating the tobacco inside. The heat generated releases nicotine along with other tobacco components and flavours for users to inhale.

What is IOQS?

Branded as IOQS which is widely believed to be an acronym for “I Quit Original Smoking”, this device is the first in what can be said to be a new class known as “heated tobacco” or products that are heated and not burnt.

This is quite different from traditional regular cigarettes that burn tobacco and produces tar with other harmful chemicals. This new e-cigarette-like product has become the latest trend among consumers as a safer alternative to vaping. 

The makers claim that since Heets sticks use the technology of heating tobacco, it is safer than competitors that burn it. The device heats tobacco at a lower temperature than products like regular cigarettes that burn the substance. This process releases fewer toxins into the body.

Buying IOQS Heatsticks

If you wish to try iqos heets then buy them from a reliable online store like Heated Products which is the ultimate store for IOQS devices and Heets. You get varieties of products with a high professional level of customer support. 

Users have been posting regular good reviews about the store for their product quality and excellent service. They ship orders from their offices internationally depending on the selected products and their availability. 

How is IOQS less dangerous than regular smoking?

According to new research, the type of e-cigarettes that are offered by IOQS has a high success rate that helps the habitual tobacco users to stop their dangerous habit of smoking regular cigarettes. This is mainly because IOQS is said to be considerably safer than regular cigarettes. 

There are so many reasons that conclude IOQS is safer than traditional smoking. The following factors influenced the views and opinions of people about using IOQS heat sticks.

  • The positive and reliable statements from IOQS manufacturers affected the views that IOQS is less dangerous than smoking for users and people around them.
  • Heets were believed to cause less harm than regular cigarettes as the contents and heating process created less dangerous chemicals in comparison to when it is burned.
  • There are reduced feelings of harm while using IOQS due to the difference in desired results like taste, sight, and smell as compared to regular smoking.

Exotic Heets Selection flavours 

The fact that Heets is available in various exotic tobacco flavours and aromas cannot be ignored that gives it an upper hand when compared to smoking regular cigarettes.

The Heets Amber Selection is a wonderful tobacco flavour designed for Heets IOQS holders and offers a long-lasting, smooth, and flavourful vape. This new flavour has a 40% increased flavour, three times the nicotine, and a cooling effect.

If you are a classic lover, then the Bronze Selection is for you. Enjoy its mellow, creamy flavour that is overlaid with chocolate and overtones of dried fruits.

If you want to enjoy aromatic tobacco flavours then IOQS heat sticks will satisfy the demands of every vaper. 

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