Interested In Selling Your Gold: What to Look For In a Reputable Gold Buyer

Selling your gold and jewelry can be a scary experience, especially if they have sentimental value. However, sometimes you need the cash or want to declutter your jewelry box, and it comes time to choose a gold buyer to sell gold jewelry to. To help ease your nerves, we have compiled a list of features to look for when finding a reputable gold buyer.

Continue reading below so you can learn how to find the best business to sell your gold.

Highly Rated By The Better Business Bureau

The reality about the cash for the gold industry is that there are plenty of scam artists trying to take advantage of people’s hard-earned money. An excellent way to check out the legitimacy of cash for a gold company is to consult the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is an independent and nonprofit agency that reviews companies to ensure they are not making fraudulent claims in their marketing practices. You can trust a business that the Better Business Bureau highly rates.

Offers a High Payout for Your Gold and Jewelry

You would be surprised how many Cash for Gold companies offer a subpar payout for people’s gold. It is crucial that you do the proper research and only choose a company that offers a high payout for your gold and jewelry.

Their Shipping is Insured

Accidents are unavoidable and can certainly happen during the shipping process. Make sure when selecting a Cash For Gold company you choose one that offers free shipping that is also insured for at least up to a hundred thousand dollars. This is why you can recoup the value of your gold and jewelry if FedEx or UPS screw up during the delivery process.

Same-Day Payments

If you are selling your gold for cash, chances are you need quick money. However, not every Cash For Gold company offers duplicate day payments. Before you ship your gold off to be inspected and appraised, make sure the company can provide you with cash on the same day if you agree to sell.

Has Good Customer Reviews

There’s no better resource than your fellow man, so if you are hesitant to sell your gold to an online buyer, try reading online customer reviews to get a first-hand experience. A well-run Cash For Gold Company can have upward of one thousand five star customer reviews. That is a company you can feel safe with.

Has Full Refund Return Policies

Maybe you didn’t enjoy the experience or had a change of heart about selling specific gold and jewelry pieces. Having a full return policy is crucial in those situations. Before agreeing to ship any of your jewelry to be appraised, we advise you to research whether the company offers a full return policy at no cost to you. If not, then choose another Cash For Gold company to sell to.

Have Peace of Mind When You Sell Gold Jewelry

Selling your gold should be an easy experience; unfortunately for many people, it often isn’t. Before you choose a company to sell gold jewelry, research it to see if it has all the factors listed above. If you take your time selecting the right Cash for Gold company, you’ll be just fine.

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