How to use and order custom medals

Imagine receiving a plain medal with no text, custom design, or details. It may feel like some sort of retrofit. Custom Awards and Finisher medals showcase personalized and unique attributes created with you, your stakeholders, teammates, athletes, or other winners in mind for your special occasion can. If you need a simple approach to creating custom award medals and are considering different uses for them, you can order custom awards and finisher medals quickly and easily.

How to use customized medals

Custom award medals are a great way to celebrate a wide range of individuals. Here are some of the most common reasons to create these special items: Special Olympics awards medals in summer and winter games, as well as regional and regional tournaments. The Junior Olympics awards medals for individual and team achievements at the local, regional and national levels and incentives for athletic tournaments. From wrestling to amateur, professional boxing, and basketball, we will award medals that can be customized for all possible sports and tournaments. Sports leaders and team captains can create sports invitations and conference medals at individual and team competitions such as tracks, baseball, and volleyball.

Below are award medal options for schools, businesses, or small businesses and financing.

  • Spelling bee to recognize top contestants
  • Achievements of Student Council Awards and Student Awards
  • Band, orchestra, choir regional, state, and national contests.
  • Discussions and speeches at local, regional, and state tournaments and conventions

Enterprise / SME:

  • Sales awards and retreats for year-end performance and other sales performance


  • Praise for non-profit members, including commendations for years of service and volunteer hours
  • In marathons, fun runs and walking, medals will be awarded to all participants, not just the winner.
  • Other fundraising contests

Whatever your needs for custom award medals, we can work with to design, service, and manufacture high-quality medals to confirm your order for custom award medals.

How to create a custom finisher or award medal

If you’ve created Custom Medals wholesaler for events, corporate teams, athletic groups, organizational members, or honorary leaders, you know that you need a straightforward process to customize the medals to your needs. .. Here are some things to consider when ordering custom awards and finisher medals:

Please select your favorite size. Usually, 1 to 5 inches is best. Please note that the price is based on size and quantity. Determine if you need a single-sided medal or a double-sided medal. Most of the medals are one-sided. How many medals do you need? Consider how many you need for an event or group. Can medals be used for multiple events or future events?

Choose a style

Medal designs are available in a variety of styles and finishes. With the help of our designers, we can make you pop and bring your designs and visions to life. By choosing the right style and finish, you can win the perfect medal from our team.

  • Soft enamel shows all details and valleys of medals
  • Hard enamel has a flat, smooth surface with the classic “glitter”
  • Die strike is a traditional metal type that looks like a raised coin
  • Die-casting provides the design with unique custom cutout shapes and design options.

Choose a material color and finish, such as shiny gold, shiny silver, or antique gold. You can see our finishing options on our website at Select the number of additional colors to use the medal in your design. Keep in mind that too many colors are costly and may not be produced due to manufacturing restrictions.

Don’t forget the neck ribbon for the medal. Choose a ribbon width from 0.75 to 1.5 inches, or somewhere in between. You can also add custom designs and text to the selected neck ribbon color. Determine the optimal ribbon length and loop type (circular or wide). The average length of the neck ribbon is about 30 inches.

To make your award and finisher medal presentations even more memorable, we offer special packages such as plastic bags, velvet bags, velvet boxes, and clear plastic boxes.

It’s that easy! Now that you know how to create a custom medal, you can consider some ways to use it.

Confirm your custom medal order

If you need a way to reward team captains, champions, debates, tournament leaders, or anyone who has accomplished something great, we will definitely offer Custom Medals wholesale that will please everyone. Your award or finisher medal will bring pride and shine to you and your employees, team members, and winners. Confirming and receiving an order is like winning first place in a major race. This will allow recipients to appreciate and present medals that they can wear with clear honor and pride.

What are the custom styles for medals?

Medals are a symbol of individual or collective honor, and are widely used. As big as an international competition, as small as a home school.

This is fair to the winners. They have worked hard, received affirmations and praise, and planted a seed of struggle in their hearts.

For many organizers trying to use medals to recognize players, one of the most encountered problems is the personalized style of the medals, which should not be too ordinary or too fancy. 

For this, I believe that there is nothing more appropriate than experience, and the style of the medals has also evolved with the development of the times. 

  1. Square shaped medals. One of the characteristics of this type of medals is that they are well formed and an image can be painted, which looks like a landscape but is better than a landscape.
  2. Round medals. These types of medals are very common and have a wide range of uses. They are almost as big as international competitions and small school sports games.
  3. Empty metal medals. This type of medal is a product of the new century. The finished product is very three-dimensional and is one of the custom medal styles currently chosen by many customers.

Special shape medals, such medals are highly personalized can be obtained from local materials, design exclusive medals belonging to local characteristics and culture. From the above, we can see that the custom style of the medal is no more than the above

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