How to Get Professional Home Decor without an Interior Designer?

Not everyone has the financial means to employ an interior designer to come into their home and create stunning and well-coordinated decor. Many homeowners desire to be the ones to make design selections and include their own personal style.

While we admire interior designers and the dedication they put into their work, we also recognise that many of you want a designer look without the designer price tag. We’re convinced that this interior design advice will help you achieve your goal.

Go through home decor magazines and websites for inspiration

People seek a wonderful house interior, which is why there are so many “Pinners” on Pinterest. Decor websites, as most of us have discovered, may stoke a creative fire that we never realised we had.

Start making inspiration boards for your house’s design today if you haven’t already – it’s the first step in creating the home you want. Step back and look at everything you’ve collected after hunting and accumulating innovative DIY interior design photos that inspire you – this should tell the tale of your design style. You could be shocked by the look you want to achieve.

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Begin with a colour scheme

We won’t tell you what colours to use, but we will advise you to choose a three-colour or shade combination. One colour for the walls, another for larger elements like couches and chairs, and a third colour for smaller items like flowers, cushions, and knickknacks. Keep in mind that the amount of light you bring into your home has an impact on colour. Consider enhancing your interiors with floor-to-ceiling windows to bring out colour as well!

Add prints and texture on walls and floors

The texture is just as vital as colour, especially if you want a single colour scheme like all-white or all-grey. Even if you use a single colour scheme at first glance, closer inspection reveals shades within the same colour and plenty of texture via linens and textiles.

Linen curtains, a velvety velvet chair, gleaming silk cushions, rattan chairs and woven baskets, and a nubby cotton sofa with a faux fur blanket flung on the side might be found in an all-white space. All of these pieces create a warm, rich environment by adding texture and pleasing the eye. Adding prints can further enhance this effect

Add some statement furniture

A wide sofa, some skirted club chairs (so the legs are hidden), and one or two slim armchairs with elegantly carved legs are ideal (depending on space). This is just one example, but it demonstrates how to mix furniture designs and sizes to create a balanced environment that is neither too bulky nor too spindly.

There are plenty of decorating ideas to try even if you are decorating a small apartment. Even the tiniest rooms should have one large statement piece, such as a large armoire or cabinet, according to most designers. A great house interior design requires a balance of major and small elements. This restriction also applies to accessories.

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Hire a colour consultant instead of a designer

Finally, you can skip some of the hard work and may hire a colour consultant. Yes, they come with a lot of knowledge on home decor and colour composition and come with a much lesser price tag. All you have to do is tell them your needs and requirements from your space and you will get the best suggestions based on industry trends and the latest styles. 

Now, go ahead and start working on your inspiration board for your perfect home!

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