How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

If you are looking for guest blogging opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve listed the Sites that accept guest posts, the Tools to find them, and some helpful advice for getting started. Read on to discover more! Once you’ve found a great opportunity, you’re ready to get started writing! We’ll look at how to pitch your post to the right site. And don’t forget to mention your interest in the topic, as well as a few other tips.

Guide to finding guest blogging opportunities

Your first step in finding guest blogging opportunities is to understand your audience. You should be able to find websites that have the same niche as your own. Then, choose blogs that are likely to publish the same types of articles as you. Guest posting is also a great way to build link insertion to your website. Be sure to choose niche-related websites to maximize your exposure. After you find a good blog, create a schedule of posts.

Once you’ve gathered the information you need to write your guest post, begin to find websites and blogs that will accept it. Be sure to pitch a topic that will appeal to the blog owner. Use tools like Digg and Oktopus to determine which blogs have the most readers and engagement. Buzzer is a social media scheduling tool that also provides data. Once you’ve found a blog with the right content and audience, the next step is to connect with that blog owner.

Before pitching to the blog editors, you should look for blogs with a DA of twenty to forty. This way, you’ll get acceptances more easily. Once you’ve done this, you should move on to higher authority blogs. Many guest bloggers get rejected due to their pitch. The blog editor may not respond to their query or simply ignore it. Ensure that the topic you pitch fits in with the site’s niche, and look for blogs that have similar topics.

Sites that accept guest posts

If you want to be published in websites that accept guest posts, there are several ways to find them. One of them is to perform an advanced search. Simply enter a relevant search term into the search bar and click search. The result will be a list of sites that may be a good fit for your writing style. If you are unsure which site to submit your post to, read on to discover the best way to do it.

First, read content on the website to get a sense of how to best write the post. Understand the readership and positioning of the website. Also, search for relevant posts. The website owner will not want to publish content that is duplicated elsewhere. Make sure that you present your work in a way that shows them that you have some expertise in the topic. If you can’t find a site that accepts guest posts, try Twitter.

When pitching, be sure to include solid references in your post. Most people don’t read posts without references, so be sure to include them if possible. You can also provide the source of any images you use. Finally, make sure that you choose one primary keyword that you think will drive long-term search traffic. Don’t forget to reference your own website or research when writing a guest post, or your own site.

Tools to find them

Using a backlink tool is one of the easiest ways to locate guest blogging opportunities. As a guest blogger, you will likely be exposed to a lot of backlinks to your own website. But how do you find these blogs? Fortunately, there are several tools that can help you find them. By utilizing tools such as Ahrefs, you can easily discover dozens of websites that accept guest posts.

Social media is a great way to promote your content. Make sure to check the audience demographics of your potential guest posting opportunities. Look at how many people have liked, commented or shared the post. Use tools to find exclusive opportunities. You can also stalk the authors of your target websites. A few clicks will reveal whether or not the blog is open to other writers. Using these tools will help you find the right guest blogging opportunities.


A list of guest blogging websites can be helpful when you’re starting a guest blog outreach process. Using tools such as Ahrefs can help you find opportunities from top blogs based on your niche. These tools can also help you find your competitors’ blogs if they allow guest posting. Once you have a list of potential guest posting sites, it’s time to reach out to them. You can also start an email campaign and get in touch with them using these tools.

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