How To Calculate Your Life Path With Numerology

The ancient divination system of numerology remains relevant today, particularly for psychic readings. Many psychics reference numerology charts that include life path, birth day, sun and destiny numbers. The life path number, which is calculated by adding and reducing the digits of your birth month, date and year, is one of the most important values in numerology. Learn how to calculate your life path number and find out how the most accurate psychics use numerology to offer insight into the future.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is a number-based divination system that dates back thousands of years in most cultures. Western numerology charts include several standard calculations, the most common of which is the life path number. Life path numbers and many other significant calculations in numerology involve the addition of individual digits. If you end up with a double digit sum that is not one of the master numbers 11, 22 or 33, you reduce the sum by adding up the individual digits. 

Life path numbers only require a date of birth to calculate, including two digits for the month, two digits for the date and four digits for the year. For example, someone born on June 10, 2000 would add up the digits zero and six for the month for a sum of six. They would add the digits one and zero for the date for a sum of one. They would then add the digits of their year of birth for a sum of two. The sum of all of these parts is a life path number of nine.

How A Psychic Can Help You With Your Life Path

A psychic skilled in numerology can help you calculate your life path number and other significant values on a numerology chart. You can also get readings from psychics who combine numerology with other divination methods to provide deeper insight into your life path, such as psychic tarot card readings

The insight you obtain through life path or other numerology readings can help you mindfully navigate challenging situations. A psychic may not be able to tell you exactly what actions you should take, but a reading that factors in your life path number may be better able to account for your personality and make it easier for psychics to provide guidance that you can readily apply to any choices you make.

Tips for Calculating Your Life Path Number

When calculating a life path number, you should reduce each of the parts of your birth date to single digit numbers or master numbers. Some mediums online simply make a note of sums that add up to any one of the master numbers, which are the repeating double-digit numbers 11, 22, and 33 and also reduce these sums.

Calculating your life path number is only the first step toward gaining insight through numerology. The right psychic can help you determine your life path number or gain a deeper understanding of this part of your numerology chart. Learn more about your personality and your future through a online or phone life path reading.

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